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Agile Israel 2019 Videos


Organization, Architecture, Autonomy and Accountability – Kevin Goldsmith

Project to Product How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT & Business- Mik Kersten

 Homo – Adaptus, The Agile Worker – Lior Frenkel

More talks 

Pragmatic Agile / Lean – Jesper Boeg

Learning from Learnings Three war stories from Google, Stitch Fix, and WeWork- Randy Shoup

Click Agile Transition Using SAFe – How PI Planning Helped To Distribute DevOps Operations? Meny Duek

Leading Enterprise Wide Innovation – Jonathan Bertfield

Creating a Culture of Ownership Using Visibility and Transparency- Shai Peretz

Intel CHD Case Study – How Did We Speed Up The Delivery By 250% And Predictability- Ronen Ezra

Kubernetes is Hard! Lessons Learned Taking JFrog Apps to Kubernetes- Eldad Assis

Teamwork! Energy, Productivity with Pairing and Mobbing- Yaki Koren

What did We Discover on Our Way to Continuous Delivery- Assaf Mizrahi

 Real Innovation is with real customers, even in B2B- Baat Enosh

Pango Journey to Agile in the Cloud- Yaniv Kalo

Build Quality – in – The Hard and the Deadly- Yael Goldberg-Katz

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