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Agile Israel 2022 Videos


Opening Session

Organizing for Flow – How today’s leading Agile companies are organizing themselves for Business Agi

Panel discussion: How Agile helps successful startups grow Hebrew

More talks 

Planning smart for Scaling up with Advanced Roadmap Yaki Koren Hebrew

What do Our Customers Really Want Dr Liraz Margalit English

Agile at Tesla, What I learned Working for Elon Musk by Joe Justice_English

An Agile transformation starts by transforming leadership by Oded Tamir_Hebrew

Made of Agile Integrators and Project Companies by Sharon Ezra_Hebrew

Atlassian annual event recap and introduction of Israeli Atlassian community by Gal Fatal_Hebrew

Scaling Up with Jira the Right Way by Dana Alpiner_Hebrew

How Agile Drives Raving Fans @ Gong by Eilon Reshef_Hebrew

How to build effective teams in the new world by Ashley Faus_English

Destination Enterprise Agility brought to you by Jira Align from Atlassian by Shane Mcguire_English

From team Agility to Business Agility – Playstudios rollout showcase by Oded Maimon_Hebrew

When the Firefighters Come Knocking by Ariel Pisetzky & Barak Luzon, Taboola_Hebrew

Rallying Around Business Objectives at Innovid by Yuval Pemper_Hebrew

When agile meets reality — how to succeed with agile told through a comic strip_English

Scrum @ Gillette by David Ingram

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