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Enterprise DevOps Israel 2015 Attendee Takeaways

Enterprise DevOps Israel 2015 Attendee Takeaways


We asked Enterprise DevOps Israel 2015 conference attendees about their takeaways/epiphanies after the conference. This is a small selection of the answers:


  • The bottom line is that in order to be competitive, you need Devops.
  • the importancy of DevOps from day one in SW development.
  • The DevOps space is going to be central to companies agendas and it requires improvement in order to improve bottom line results
  • the meaning and impact of DevOps on the modern enterprises and how adoption of DevOps can benefit the enterprise
  • DevOps is a strong trend be it implemented with Open Source or 3rd party of the shelf software. In order to keep up with the pace of needs in particular in a world where mobile applications are becoming dominant.

DevOps is more than just tools…

  • I now understand what is Dev0ps , and what are the principles and things to do in my organization, in order to Successfully implement Devops.
  • DevOps is not just tools, it is a way of how organizations work. It requires a team effort and the rewards are reduced risk, reduced costs and better products.
  • DevOps process is organizational culture accompanied by some tools – and the most important thing to automate is testing in order to get to stable and effective CD (even though automating your build is a more popular choice since it is easier…)
  • Everyone sees his “devops” a bit different. DevOps is more of a buzz word. It’s all about automation, efficiency and education.
  • The major difference in development methods and procedures between “on premise” and SaaS
  • In order to reach your DevOps goal you need to adopt new processes in parallel to tools. There are methods of doing it and organizations that succeeded. The smaller organizations move faster than ther larger ones and compete with them.
  • CI/CD is crucial. all organization must be involved.

DevOps is Agile++…

  • In most cases agile is not enough but only a pre-condition to improve all the way to deployment/production.
  • Devops is the next step of scaling agile. And it is a journey that will take time.

DevOps in enterprises is possible…

  • According to the examples presented change is possible at any size of organization
  • Implemeting DevOps in enterprise organizations is certainly possible. Start with the systems that are a better fit and leave the legacy to the end.
  • DevOps fits enterprise. But like agile, It’s not “one size fits all”

DevOps is a journey…

  • There is a lot of room to develop/improve in the DevOps arena. Policy goes prior to choosing tools.
  • We have lots of work ahead.
  • We’re still far from devops implementation
  • Start where it hurts and invest in metrics
  • The organization I’m working with has a long journey on the road to DevOps but there are solutions to the problems we are encountering along the way

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