Agile at FiftyOne – Ben Peer

Going Agile via the Fast Lane – How FiftyOne.com switched from quarterly releases to 2 weeks Scrum and Kanban

Ben Peer shares the story of FiftyOne.com’s transition in the last year. Starting with Scrum, involving the whole team in true inspect and adapt, evolving to Kanban/ScrumBan, evolving team formation and definition of done, adding Agile Testing approaches including ATDD. In parallel, tight collaboration with a remote Product Management team, and usage of an electronic highly visual Kanban board. Ben will discuss the benefits, the challenges and how the team dealt with them, and will provide recommendations to others considering this journey.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Ben Peer – Senior Vice President, Technology

Ben Peer joined FiftyOne in 2000 and has more than fifteen years experience in the development of new technologies. As Senior Vice President, Technology, Ben has responsibility for all technological aspects of the FiftyOne solution as well as for the company’s global operations. Among his key responsibilities are designing and evolving the underlying architecture of the FiftyOne solution, managing research and development globally, defining software interfaces for integration with strategic third parties, and helping orchestrate all of the company’s product development initiatives.

Prior to joining FiftyOne, Ben co-founded SiteCore, an Internet start-up company, serving as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. Earlier in his career, he led a product development team in Vcon, a developer and manufacturer of video-over-IP solutions. During his military service in the IDF, he developed software for the intelligence and communication forces.

Ben holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben-Gurion University.

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