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Continuous Integration Best Practices in Agile Environments – Ben Reich

Continuous integration is always an issue when implementing agile practices. As with most agile practices there is a vast body of knowledge around best practices in continuous integration. We will discuss the issues surrounding CI and its implementation in different types of scenarios. We will cover different planning techniques and organizational solutions for solving these issues.

The main theme of the presentation will be how to integrate CI into the organization’s QA, product and deployment processess and how CI fits in the Scrum and Kanban worlds.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Ben has served in various leadership roles in hig-tech organizations for nearly 25 years. He started out consulting for large R&D organizations and has successfully built several enterprise software products as VP of R&D, COO and VP products. In recent years Ben has specialized in the development, operations and marketing of large web sites and e-commerce platforms. During all this time many cycles were spent on providing predictability and effiency in managing company resources.

In recent years Ben has been using lean methodologies to run his execution team. During that time Ben specialized in connecting lean processes to ROI and key performance indicators. Playing the role of Agile champion in each of these organizations he specialized in tying agile processes to the company’s executive stakeholders and its top management. Ben has implemented Scrum and other agile processes into each of his development organizations and spent much time linking the Scrum practices into the overall company processes through Kanban.

Ben holds a Bsc. in Physics and Computer Science but his passion lies in History, archaelogy and very ancient languages.

Continuous Integration Best Practices in Agile Environments - Ben Reich

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