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Software Craftsmanship Agile Israel Lecture

Agile Software Craftsmanship – principles, patterns and best practices


Practicing Agile in the process level yields a great performance boost to development teams. In order to able to persist the fast going pace, it is imperative to craft the code in a way that will support Agile. Embracing change in the process level without supporting it in the code level could bring a project to a total disaster.

Agile Software Craftsmanship is all about creating code that is Agile enough to support a real Agile process. In this lecture, we will introduce best practices for writing clean Agile code . The session will introduce the practices of Clean Code, Refactoring, Unit testing, Test Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development and Pair Programming and the importance of these practices in a truly Agile organization.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Gal Marder is the CEO of Trainologic, a company that specializes in software development and high level consulting and training.

Gal brings with him more than 10 years of experience as a programmer, architect, consultant and development manager. Gal started his career at a technological unit in the IDF and later moved to InterBit, a training and consulting company, where he spent more than 6 years. Gal advanced there from a programmer to a senior consultant and, finally, to the position of VP R&D, where he was in charge of all the company’s development activity, involving tens of developers. Afterwards, Gal served as VP R&D for an internet startup company, where he was responsible for building a complex system from scratch to deployment. After this work was done, he initiated several other internet ventures before founding Trainologic. Throughout the years, Gal has lectured and delivered consulting services in areas of architecture and performance tuning in Israel, Europe and the US.

Gal is been a frequent and popular speaker at various technological conventions, such as Java Technology Day, Agile Development Forum, and more.


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