Informatica B2B Case Study Lecture in Agile Israel

Doing Agile without Mentioning the Word “Scrum” – Informatica Case Study

During the last 9 months Informatica’s B2B business unit transitioned to an agile product definition and development mode. Specifically, we selected Kanban as an agile development methodology. In this talk, I will cover our lessons from using Kanban for enterprise software product development, including:

  • The impact of a cross-geography organization.
  • Kanban board structure and changes to the board as a learning process.
  • The use of data that is collected from the board.
  • Why we decided to introduce the notion of iterations to our Kanban implementation.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Roy has a degree in computer science from the Technion., and is in the software development world since 1996. He worked for IBM Research Lab in Haifa for a number of years, where he held development and management positions in the area of technologies for hardware verification. In 2005 he left IBM to join ItemField, which was later acquired by Informatica – a leader in the Data Integration market, with annual revenue of $600M. Roy now holds the position of VP R&D for the B2B business unit in Informatica, and is in charge for teams in Israel, The Netherlands, and India. Roy is the author of a number of papers, and holds 15 patents.

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