Using Metrics to Measure the Implementation of Agile in the Enterprise – ITG Case Study
Sagi Smolarski ITG – Enterprise Metrics on Agile

Session Abstract:

Investment Technology Group (ITG) is the advanced stages of implementing an enterprise-wide Agile migration program, and wants to be able to monitor our implementation, both for the teams’ own benefit and for enterprise-wide governance of the migration.

As early as 2002, ITG has piloted the use of Agile for software projects. About two years ago, ITG decided to migrate all of its software development operation to a standard Agile process baseline, based on a mix of XP, Scrum and Lean practices. As part this migration, teams are starting to use Rally’s Agile Lifecycle Management platform. Having a critical mass of projects in Rally. We have started collecting from Rally a set of metrics which provides executives a quantitative insight into the progression of our agile implementation, and can be used by teams to continuously improve as part of their retrospection process. ITG has implemented a fairly comprehensive set of metrics, and plans to implement more based on teams input. These metrics are fairly generic in nature and can probably be useful to others as well.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Sagi Smolarski is a Director, Software Development at Investment Technology group, leads the global initiative to implement agile and is part of the team creates ITG’s next generation enterprise infrastructure.

Sagi has been leading projects and development teams, and has previously headed the development of ITG’s flagship Execution Management system – Triton, developed by ITG’s first team to implement an Agile process (XP).

Sagi lectures at Ben Gurion University on Advanced Methods in Information Systems Engineering, a course which focuses on the Design, Architecture and Methodologies used to implement software systems, with a special emphasis on Agile methods. Sagi has been teaching Python at the High Tech academy. Sagi holds a BA in Physics from Technion IIT and a BSc in Materials Engineering from the same institution.

NOTE: Today Sagi is a Lead Coach and Partner at AgileSparks

  • Sagi Smolarski

    Partner, Lead Coach, SPC

    Sagi started his career in software 20 years ago, fresh out of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Since then he has worked as a Software Engineer, Software Architect, Project Manager, Product Manager and VP R&D in companies ranging from the defense industry and the financial services sector to start-up environments. While at Investment Technology Group in 2001, Sagi led the first project to adopt eXtreme Programming and later on lead the company’s global transition to Agile using a mix of eXtreme Programming and Scrum. Sagi has been teaching courses in Software Engineering at Ben Gurion University, and Python intro courses at the Hi-Tech college. Since joining AgileSparks in early 2012, Sagi has accumulated experience leading agile implementation of Kanban and Scrum with dozens of teams. Sagi holds a B.A. in Physics and a B.Sc. in Materials Engineering, and completed Software Engineering Studies in the Technion. Nowadays, Sagi focuses on agile teams transitions, process metrics and simulation of software processes and on creating tools that help distributed teams and companies collaborate effectively. On the rare occasions when he’s not busy dealing with technology and teams, Sagi flies small airplanes.

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