Kaizen – Zohar Benor Lecture

Kaizen workshops for continuous improvement

About the lecture:

Kaizen is a complicated concept for those of us within the Lean community. On the one hand, Kaizen is a philosophy, while on the other hand, Kaizen is also a tool. On the one hand, it is the most efficient way of achieving breakthroughs within a short period of time, while on the other hand, it can be an obstacle to cultural change.
The concept of Kaizen has been around for some time now and is well known. For those who have not experienced the transformation that Kaizen workshops can foster in an organization, it might seem like just another buzzword. In reality, Kaizen is part of a philosophy of continuous improvement – a philosophy that made Toyota one of the most successful manufacturers of its time and gave Japan a true competitive advantage.
‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese word, meaning “change for the better.” In a Kaizen workshop, participants experience a hands-on approach, develop day-to-day teamwork, and learn better approaches to solving real problems in their work environment. The skills that are developed are not just for overcoming today’s issues, but also for addressing tomorrow’s challenges on an on-going basis.

About the lecturer:
Zohar Benor has extensive business management experience in the sectors of service, electronics, military, high-tech, and manufacturing. His key areas of expertise include Lean, strategy development and implementation, operations management, and change management. Zohar’s years of experience have been acquired through a combination of shop floor and executive positions which give him a unique perspective in the assimilation of Lean culture, application of Lean tools and facilitation of effective business improvements. Zohar’s experience in leading a full Lean transformation in his company as the Executive Director of Operations as well as managing numerous Lean projects in a management consulting firm as Lean Business Unit manager give him a solid understanding and perspective of all aspects of managing and implementing change in a business organization. Zohar has a BS.c. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the Recanati business school, Tel-Aviv University, EMBA program. Zohar also volunteers as a member of the Business Development committee of the Israeli Research Association for Eye Health and Blindness Prevention (R.A).


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