Techniques and experiences for managing end to end Releases/Projects/Programs using Kanban and Flow


The Secret of Flow – My AgileIL11 Talk

Kanban is a powerful and flexible system. One of the popular emerging ways of using it, is to create and manage product development flow. Whether for a single project, a program, or a portfolio, we will explore the need for product development flow, see how kanban fulfills this need in a couple of examples from real clients, and discuss the next frontiers for program management flow.


One of the key topics will be the balance between flow and commitment. We will explore how a kanban system can satisfy the need for making and meeting commitments at various levels, exploiting emerging valuable opportunities AND enjoying the benefits of flow/pull.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Yuval is in the IS/IT and Software Engineering world since 1994. He started as a Mamram Programmer in the Israeli Air Force IS unit, where, among other positions, he served as section leader of a key infrastructure unit. Afterwards, he joined a startup by the name of Exanet, where he was a team lead for several years. He then joined DiskSites and quickly became their VP R&D. While an agile spirit was with yuval all along, in DiskSites was the first place he solidified his views on Agile Leadership and Project management and used them to achieve a turn around in the R&D delivery capabilities, leading to being acquired by Expand Networks. Then, Yuval joined SANRAD, with the goal of transforming the R&D organization. As part of his role, he transformed SANRAD R&D into an agile organization, better able to cope with the challenges of developing and productizing a networked storage embedded product. Yuval is a practicing Certified Scrum Master since 2007, and has also served as Product Owner in numerous situations. He’s fond of system-level thinking and root cause analysis at the Process, Technical and Organizational level, leading unsurprisingly to great enthusiasm for the Agile world, Lean Software Development, and always looking for the real pains and the best approach to address them.

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Hear yuval talk about Agile and Kanban in the Biz901 podcast and the Reversim Podcast in hebrew

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