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Kanban at Pelephone – Hanan Alexander

Beginning the Kanban journey at an Enterprise IT – Case study – Pelephone

If you’ve found yourself or others around you saying things like:

* “Kanban sounds great, but is only for startups”

* “Agile is amazing and exciting, but too bad we don’t do software development, because then it would be a perfect fit for us”

* “Agile fits just for whoever is doing development with the latest technologies, this wouldn’t work for us with Cobol”

Then I guarantee that you will be interested in this lecture.

I will be talking about:

  • * The problems that we wanted to solve (some are still with us) and how the Kanban mindset helped us define the change and then implement it

* what challenges we encountered along the way

* what’s important (in my opinion) in this process

* what did we gain (so far) from implementing the change at Pelephone

About the lecturer:
Hanan Alexander
Hanan is the Director of customer care and billing – IT – Pelephone.
I’ve been doing software development since 1999, including both Legacy and Near Realtime systems. I’ve been managing the development of billing systems and customer care at Pelephone for the last 3 years. The system that we develop and maintain serves about 2000 customer support and sales representative simultaneously and handles pricing and invoicing for all the clients. This system was originally developed by Amdocs about 20 years ago!

Prior to this, I was managing the Infrastructure Development at Pelephone and as part of that also different aspects of the development process, especially from the configuration management perspective.

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