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Sustainable, Successful, and Repeatable


Over the past couple of years, my colleagues and I have led dozens of implementations in a variety of companies. As we closed the second year of our company we began noticing the problems and costs incurred by the fact that we each worked differently. E.g. miscommunications, differences in outcomes, rework done between implementations.
We decided it was time we go and analyze our past implementations for common goals and methods of operation.
The result of this was a set a goals and implementation building blocks, and following the past year in which we have implemented what we have learned, a wonderful recipe as well!
In this presentation I will show how organizations who aim to improve their predictability and time to market can start their agile journey in a focused and painlessly as possible by use of a recipe we found common to many organizations.
At the heart of this presentation is the question “do you need to go “all out” to be agile?” as well as a more pragmatic option to a very big debate going on today in the agile community “do we do a big revolutionary scrum style change or an evolutionary small Kanban style change?”

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Elad has been a part of the IT industry since 1998, making the shift to product development in 2001 when he formed his own software development shop specializing in e-commerce solutions along with several of his closest friends. Since then, Elad has served as an R&D Team Leader, Program Manager, and Director of Product Development.

Throughout his years, Elad has experimented with several flavors of scrum and agile which led him to his current position as a Scrum and Agile Coach in AgileSparks.

Today, Elad is a practicing CSM and CSPO, working with several organizations through the process of implementing agile processes and engineering practices.

You can find and reach Elad at https://il.linkedin.com/in/eladamit

At the top of his agenda, Elad has fun and operational excellence, it is his belief that without them success is not possible!Sustainable, Successful, and Repeatable - Elad Amit

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