RSA Agile/Scrum Case Study

SCRUM implementation – The good, the bad and the ugly – RSA Case Study

In this talk I will focus about Enterprise implementation & what doesn’t work in SCRUM (if you will do nothing about that…). I will share with you the experience we had in our Agile SCRUM implementation in RSA and I will identify the pitfalls you might face if you will not address some of the difficulties that come with “the change”.

There are a lot of best practices and tips on how to do SCRUM but like with most people, we learn from our own mistakes…

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Amit Monovich is an R&D Sr. manager in R.S.A (The security division of EMC) with over 13 years of software engineering experience. Managing and leading teams while building mission critical solutions for strategic Enterprise and consumer partners. Believe in the importance of keeping the entrepreneur spirit, introducing innovative solutions to ease the day to day challenges.

Prior to joining RSA, Amit spent 3 years in AT&T Labs(NJ) working with business owners, high performing IT departments and technical support programs , from business requirements definition till production deployments.

Amit’s passion is about improving efficiency, increasing productivity and “making a difference” while bridging the gap between technical and business personnel.

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