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Agile Testing Lecture

Managing agile testing at complex environments


More and more organizations want to become more agile these days. When the theory hits the shores of reality, few organizations can get to an idealistic agile feature team that does all testing within sprints, has no need for release-level testing processes, and where everything is fully automated continuous deployment style. Usually the testing organization is in the eye of the storm and perceived as the main bottleneck. In the lecture we will focus on how we manage the testing processes across release lifecycle in complex environments when it is not realistic to finish all required work within a sprint, how to visualize and reduce testing batch sizes within sprints/releases, practical suggestions on how to deal with the testing bottleneck, how to deal with the mindset issues and last, how to run stabilization/hardening periods using Flow-based thinking.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Dr. Ronen Bar Nahor is a Senior Coach working with teams and executives, with a vast experience in scaling Agile in complex systems and products, from the team to the Enterprise/Portfolio/Product levels.

Before joining AgileSparks, Ronen had initiated and lead the Agile implementation at Amdocs Product Group (R&D), spanning 3 years with over 100 scrum teams in five countries. In addition he developed and implemented the Product Development methodology and lead the SQA group at the R&D division. These changes entailed complex change management processes (re-engineering of organizational structure, processes, tools and HR policies), which Ronen has lead with Amdocs’ senior management.

In addition Ronen has extensive hands-on experience in managing software development groups and projects both in Canada and Israel.

Ronen holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior & Information systems from the Technion. He was a senior lecturer for many years at the Technion (Software Quality Assurance, system analysis and more) and was the head of the department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Emek Yezreel College.Agile Testing Lecture

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