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In AgileSparks we pride ourselves on both staying up-to-date with latest trends and useful materials as well as knowing to point you towards best resources for learning whether you are new to agile trying to understand what it is all about or an experienced practitioner looking to improve.

Note most of the content is refreshed on an ongoing basis when we find new and interesting materials so we encourage you to visit frequently. If you are interested to get frequent email summaries of new resources from us, or are missing anything, let us know.


Per-Topic Reading Lists

Here you can find our favorite materials for key lean/agile topics. The materials range from basic to advanced, typically ordered top down to help you in your education/learning process.


Books to Read

Sometimes an article is not enough or you would like to settle down with a good agile book. To look at our virtual bookshelf with the books we like to get back to and recommend to our friends and clients.


Our Presentations

Where we collect interesting presentations we delivered in conferences, seminars, meetups we organized or participated in.


Our Videos

Videos of the Sparkies in action – whether delivering a conference talk, a webinar or an online overview of a topic.


What to Watch

Our videos not enough? Here are our favorite talks/videos collected lovingly over the years.


Useful Links

A general listing of links collected by the Sparkies, mainly our CTO Yuval Yeret.


Our Company Blog


Agile Twits from the Sparkies

Can’t get enough ? Connect straight to the hose for the latest and greatest links and discussions from the AgileSparks team on Twitter.


Our Tools


State of Agile Israel 2017

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