Kanban Tools

When going to use kanban, a team/organization needs to decide whether to use a physical or electronic board.
A physical board is tangible, fully customizable, and is a great Information Radiator out of the box.
The physical board is limited when it comes to supporting distributed teams, easy tracking of metrics such as Cycle Times, CFD, etc.

With Kanban, many teams choose to go to an electronic Kanban tool, and some of them use a combination of a tool and a physical board. These days several trends are trying to converge the physical and electronic boards. One approach is to use touch-based LCDs which are becoming cheaper and cheaper by the month.

There is a plethora of electronic Kanban tools in the market. Some are built around Kanban, while others are general Agile Lifecycle Management tools that are starting to provide Kanban storyboards as well.

For your convenience, below is a partial list of tools you might want to start your search with (in alphabetical order). We can also help you select and implement a Kanban tool based on our experience.

Whether physical or electronic, Henrik Kniberg’s Kanban Board Kick-start example is quite useful as a good starting point.

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