Daily Scrum Questions Wheel

The Daily Scrum Wheel

The Daily Scrum/Standup is where an Agile Team gets together to understand where they are in their Sprint and Inspect and Adapt accordingly. Many teams use 3 questions in their Daily Scrum:
  • What have I done since the last Daily Scrum towards the Sprint Goal?
  • What do I plan to do towards the Sprint Goal until the next Daily Scrum?
  • Any impediments to the team achieving its Sprint Goal?

This can be a good way to establish transparency – understanding what’s going on.

Does your team feel bored by the 3 questions Daily Scrum/Standup format?

Want to consider other aspects worth discussing in the daily Scrum/Standup?

Here is a spinner wheel with some alternative questions that you can use to either complement/replace your fixed daily standup format.

Spin the wheel and answer the question that comes up. Then spin it again or adjourn for the day…

Feel free to customize with your own questions!