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Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps Sitting in a Tree: Leverage Kanban and DevOps to improve Scrum by Dave West and Yuval Yeret

Should you use Scrum, Kanban, or DevOps? You don’t have to choose: Scrum teams improve when they look at flows inside and outside their sprints from a Lean/Kanban perspective. In this session, we will talk about Kanban-related myths prevalent in the Scrum world and identify common ground between them. We will look at ways to […]

Agile Marketing at Scale – Yuval Yeret at MDMC18

Good and bad ways to kickstart agile the Kanban way (Agile India – Yuval Yeret)

Amdocs SBG – Moving Thousands of People to Kanban within 16 Months (LKNA14: Keren Yahalom & Yaki Koren)

DevOps Days Tel Aviv 2013: Kanban – a sane way towards DevOps – Yuval Yeret

Starting with Product Stream Kanban (LKCE12 – Yuval Yeret)

The Improvement Journey (LSSC12) – Yuval Yeret

Change Program Stall Avoidance (Lean Kanban Central Europe Pecha Kucha) – Yuval Yeret

Avoiding the GanttBan

Kanban – A way towards DevOps in the Legacy Enterprise

Kanban – A SANE Way towards Agile in the Enterprise (LKUK13)

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