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Kanban Presentations from Agile Israel 2010

Agile Israel 2010 put Kanban on the agenda for the israeli Agile community. David Anderson, the leader of the Kanban community, gave a Keynote speech as well as several other sessions.

Kanban & Accelerated Achievement of High Levels of Organizational Maturity – watch the video, get the slides.

Achieving Flow – Applying TOC, Lean & Agile to Improve Business results – watch the video, get the slides.

Metrics for Agile/Lean Organizations – Driving the right behavior – watch the video, get the slides.

Agile/Kanban Interview

Our resident Kanban expert, Yuval Yeret, who is the leading Kanban practitioner/coach in Israel and an active participant in the international Kanban community, has recently been interviewed. Download the podcast in MP3 format.

Scaling Scrum to Kanban in Amdocs

A Case study describing work done by Agilesparks and Amdocs to scale an Enterprise Scrum implementation using Lean/Kanban approaches. Listen to audio, get the slides.

Atlanta 2010 Speaker

Scrumban – Taking Scrum outside its Comfort Zone

Scrumban is a mash of Scrum and Kanban, an approach that canbe used to take the best out of the two approaches, and is a good evolution forScrum teams, as well as a good way to start implementing Kanban. get the Slides

DailyMaily Kanban Article

An article about Kanban was published in “People and Computers”

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