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SAFe in the Trenches – A new ebook by AgileSparks

SAFe in the Trenches – A new ebook by AgileSparks

In the last couple of years, I’ve been writing about SAFe on the AgileSparks Blog, providing guidance articles for the SAI, and creating some complementary approaches and services in the SAFe context. All based on experiences in the trenches helping AgileSparks clients achieve agility at scale. I recently created a curated collection of some of my favorites and started to provide copies of this book to participants of my Implementing SAFe and RTE classes.

Here are some of what you might find inside:

  • How to tell if SAFe is the right move for you
  • Tips for studying for the SPC exam (relevant for other SAFe classes as well)
  • Stories about ART leadership teams
  • Invitation-based SAFe
  • A different approach to estimations in SAFe
  • is SAFe unsafe?
  • SAFe – A framework or a methodology – and why do we care?
  • Improving SAFe implementations with Flow metrics
  • Moving to ACTUAL actual business value when it comes to PI objectives
  • Applying SAFe in an Agile Marketing context
  • How to create a workshop for figuring out SAFe implementation strategy

I am now sharing it in ebook form. I hope this is useful to you on your SAFe journey! (Warning – it’s a bit raw at the moment – Consider this an MVP – I’m still considering whether it’s worthwhile editing this into a real mini-book, feedback is welcome on whether that’s a worthy idea…)


SAFe in the Trenches ebook

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