ScrumBan – Enjoying the Best of Scrum AND Kanban/Flow

Doing Scrum Iterations and trying to figure out how Kanban flow can help you?

Trying to deal with Scrum-Fall – Waterfall inside/outside the Scrum Sprint/Iteration?

Looking for a way to adapt Scrum to the more Continuous Flow world of DevOps/Continuous Delivery?

ScrumBan combines Scrum’s iterations and roles with Kanban’s flow. More and more teams choose ScrumBan either as the starting point or next evolution of their Agile journey.

World-class ScrumBan Practice

Interested to learn more about ScrumBan? Check out “So What Is ScrumBan” written by our CTO Yuval Yeret – one of the world’s thought leaders and practitioners in the field of ScrumBan and Enterprise Kanban.

Many of our clients are already using ScrumBan as a pragmatic combination of the best of the Iterative team-oriented Scrum framework and the Lean/Flow/end-to-end pragmatic perspective of Kanban.

We can help you enjoy the best of Scrum AND Kanban as well.

Interested in ScrumBan?

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