Organizational Agility AgileSparks Model

For many people Agile is “Agile Development”. Organizational Agility is about a wider perspective.

Within Product/Technology, Business Agility covers the whole cycle from exploring options, selecting which initiatives to focus on and budget, through identifying the right product/features, into the development/build phases and all the way to delivery, deployment and monitoring/measuring/learning.

In addition to classic techniques such as Scrum, Kanban, scaling frameworks (such as SAFe™), Business Agility leverages approaches such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Continuous Deployment/Delivery, DevOps.

Looking even wider, Organizational Agility aims to improve the agility of other key areas such as Marketing, Budgeting/Finances, IT, HR, and more. First, within each area and eventually connecting different areas to be able to create a really agile organization.

Applying agile in these different areas is similar but different. Successfully transforming other parts of the organization requires careful consideration of change management approaches as well as letting each area figure out their own style of agility while being aligned to an overall vision/approach.

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