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AgileSparks is a boutique Agile consulting firm with a deeply experienced and pragmatic team that can guide you in your journey towards real agility, whether it’s at the team level, scaling, implementing DevOps or even going beyond the product development organization.

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AgileSparks Speakers at the Summit

Distributed Collaboration and Learning in SAFe

Oct 27th, 3.25 – 3.50pm EDT

In Unprecedented times, it’s critical to maintain the health and well-being of your employees and to keep the business operating.
While many companies have some experience with remove work and learning, most companies were not prepared to do so on a largescale. On this panel we will discuss tips for optimal remote collaboration and empathy.

Agile Marketing with SAFe

Oct 28th, 3.25pm – 3.50pm EDT

In this panel we will discuss the different ways SAFe has been applied to the marketing context, how working with marketing teams is similar to working with software teams and why transformation of marketing is critical to achieving business agility.
We will also explore the real-world stories of the panelists, learning from their steps, missteps and successes.

World-class Technology Firms Implement Agile With AgileSparks

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