Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe in the Trenches – A new ebook by AgileSparks

In the last couple of years, I’ve been writing about SAFe on the AgileSparks Blog, providing guidance articles for the SAI, and creating some complementary approaches and services in the SAFe context. All are based on experiences in the trenches helping AgileSparks clients achieve agility at scale. I recently completed a curated collection of some of my favorites and started to provide copies of this book to participants of my Implementing SAFe and RTE classes.

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Scaling Agile

Please don’t come to our Implementing SAFe SPC workshops

Seriously, please don’t come.

Don’t come if you’re looking at it as a formality since you already know everything about agile and just need the SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) Certificate.

Don’t come if you’re looking for the cheapest way to get your SPC so that you can add it to your resume.

Don’t come if you don’t know anything about agile and believe the SPC is your silver bullet to becoming an agile coach at the enterprise level.

Don’t come if you’re looking for the certificate rubber stamp.

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SAFe is a Scaled Agile Framework, Not a Scaled Agile Methodology

when it comes to how to practice SAFe as well as how to implement it, we prefer to consider it a very useful but flexible/incomplete structure that requires well-trained and experienced practitioners to successfully apply, and that’s a key design principle for our Implementing SAFe workshops where we train future SPCs

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Scaled Agile Framework

Becoming a SAFe Program Consultant – Studying for the SPC Exam

TL;DR – Looking for SAFe exam questions? Sorry, move along, nothing for you here… If otoh you’re looking for some tips on how to properly study for the exam that seems to have worked for dozens of my students for the SPC exam and other SAFe exams, hang around….

I’ve recently been teaching quite a bit of Implementing SAFe classes. Students are always interested in some tips and tricks on how to prepare for the SPC certification exam, especially since it’s a non-trivial exam even if you attend a class with trainers that know what they’re doing and if you listen and participate throughout. The vast majority of my students pass the exam, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to study.

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Agile Marketing

Do you NEED to Scale Agile Marketing? (Scaled Agile Marketing Series – Part 3)

In earlier posts in our Scaled Agile Marketing, we looked at whether you even need Agile Marketing and then what typically triggers a serious discussion about Agile Marketing. In this post, we move to the next step – figuring out if you need Scaled Agile Marketing.

So – Do you need Scaled Agile Marketing? 

Scaling isn’t just a function of the number of people in the marketing organization. It’s more a function of how many marketers need to work together as part of one customer journey/experience.

Let’s look at an example. In the diagram below you can see a typical marketing organization that would possibly have a need for some scaling approach. They have agile teams that cross-cut the different marketing functions – focusing on delivering marketing value/impact for a specific product/customer journey rather than focusing on a specific marketing function/task.

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Improving – Going Deeper/better

SPC Class Reading List

These are reading recommendations from SPC class co-trained by Joe Vallone and Yuval Yeret in Santa Clara on January 2017 Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years

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