Shai PeretzDevOps and Executive Coach, SPC

    Shai is an independent consultant, specializing in DevOps culture, building agile technology
    teams and Building large scale Internet Infrastructure. Shai brings vast experience in Internet
    Technology, Web Operations and software development.
    In his last position, Shai served as SVP Platform Engineering at Outbrain Inc., the leading
    content discovery platform, serving billions of content recommendations per day, where he was
    in charge of a large geographically distributed, interdisciplinary team, building and operating the
    company’s web infrastructure, including data delivery systems, deployment pipeline,
    public/private cloud provisioning automation, visibility systems and much more. During the time
    with Outbrain, Shai played a key role in transforming the company into lean-agile organization,
    adopting DevOps culture and methodologies.
    Shai also served as Vice President of Operations for Cyota Inc., a leading provider of anti-fraud
    and anti-phishing solutions for the financial industry. Cyota was acquired by RSA Security
    (NASDAQ:RSAS) which was later on acquired by EMC (NASDAQ: EMC). Shai helped the
    company to improve security, stability, and performance of the service to meet customer SLA
    and extensive regulatory requirements.
    Prior to Cyota, Shai worked for Strategic Models, a New York-based company that developed
    data management solutions for the healthcare industry, mainly clinical trial management.
    Shai has also served as Vice President of Operations for (formerly DealTime), the
    leading comparison shopping service on the Internet, that has been acquired by eBay (Public,
    NASDAQ:EBAY) for $620 million. He also co-founded, a startup that
    developed streaming video applications for the Internet and 3G cellular markets.
    Shai has passion for education and was one of the founders of “Aviv” waldorf school in Tel
    Aviv, where he volunteers for the last 9 years as a board member.
    Shai holds a B.Sc. in computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, along with
    music studies (jazz piano) at the Rubin academy for music and dance.

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