Yuval YeretSPCT, Partner, CTO, Head of AgileSparks USA

With over 17 years in technology management both in IT and Product Development, Yuval easily jumps into the world of our clients – whether a small startup, enterprise product development, or an IT unit.  Yuval has led some of our key enterprise level agile implementations, and has been central to AgileSparks’s pragmatic best-of-breed solution design, taking the best from each approach, and not sticking to any particular dogma. Over the last couple of years, Yuval has led the inclusion of thinking/models from Kanban, Complexity Thinking, Lean Startup, and more into the AgileSparks method and has created our Kanban/Flow Lean practice and basically kickstarted Kanban for software in Israel.  Yuval is a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT4), an internationally recognized Kanban Trainer as well as a Certified Scrum Master/Product Owner/Practitioner with lots of experience helping organizations use Scrum/SAFe in a way that works and delivers in the real world. He’s a recipient of the Lean Systems Society Brickell Key Award for upcoming world-influencing talent and is a Lean Systems Society Founding Fellow. You can check out his thinking in the popular blog at YuvalYeret.com or in his book “Holy Land Kanban”.

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