• The wonderful thing about these sessions were the real-life practice we did on our own project using the methodology we choose. It really gave us the kick-start for the agile implementation and buy-in of all the parties.

    Roi Amir Director, Nice Systems
  • We are dealing with a large R&D organization, with multiple groups and dependencies, and one of our main challenges is predictability. With the move to Scrum and the enforcement of one prioritized backlog we improved our predictability significantly.

    We are still in the journey, but the team is bought into it and most importantly we keep improving as we go. Yuval escorted the team and the management during the training and the adoption, helping us to build it right, which made the whole experience very positive!
    Haniel Ilouz R&D Director, HP Software
  • We built Scrum the right way w/ Yuval's help and improved our predictability significantly at HP BSM

    Haniel Ilouz R&D Director, HP Software
  • Read what participants of several Management Focus Workshops have to say:

    • The simulation of our work plan managed to get the message across - we can do this. Yuval is very receptive to feedback and adapts the workshop accordingly - managing to carefully balance the heavy theory and the practical aspects. Yuval handled resistance admirably. 
    • So much knowledge! Yuval knows the material up to the smallest details, can answer any question without hesitation.
    • Using post-its and moving them around did the job - Yuval used them effectively to bring the explanations alive.
    • Yuval was great! He explained from several points of view which helped all the members understand the point. He's very professional with good attitude.
    • A very good workshop to understand the Agile approach and build a concept of work procedure. Has enough to get started - though you need more information along the way for real implementation.
    • One has to go through a physiological change process to truly grasp the methodology. The workshop is a good way of internalizing the needed change as a team.
    • Yuval brings great knowledge and experience. His confidence was critical to convince the skeptics.
    • During the workshop I have gained many insights on how to make the process work and even more important - make it work for me with all my special requirements and the project situation.
    • This is a challenging workshop for those evaluating an Agile approach.
    • A practical way to think about how Agile methodologies that can assist your organization to go agile.
    • It was very interesting, intensive, and challenging.
    • Gave us new perspectives on many things we do on a daily basis.
    • The workshop was good. We got a lots of information in 2 days. A lot of new words and concepts but the picture is becoming clear.
    • It gives a good idea of what scrum and kanban are.
    • It is a good starting point when considering whether to move to agile.
    • Using Agile to execute the workshop itself was very helpful
    • I loved the idea of explaining Agile using Agile - in retrospect I would recommend keeping this workshop exactly as it was delivered to us.
    • Yuval delivered the workshop in a good organized way. Combination of explanations and exercises was effective. The workshop achieves in two days what it would take a year to understand without it. Conclusions reached by a sizable group created an effective conversation, multiple diverse points of view, differences between teams and methods in use. Good workshop overall.

    • Very exciting. It was my first real contact with an Agile course and it is a concept totally different from the way we work and think.  
    • The instructor made the course very interesting and very easy to follow the new concepts.  
    • The course was very interesting and insightful A good course that covers both theory and real life examples. Training was aligned with our knowledge and Yuval tried to cover all topics/questions we raised.  
    • It was a very interesting and intensive workshop that provided a lot of interesting information and keys to drive change.  
    • Very good workshop, Delivery quality was at a very high level  
    • Very good instructor - I was very pleased with the level and quality of the instructor

  • This is what participants have to say about our 2-day public kanban workshop:

    • This workshop was excellent. It would be great to have a follow up for a deeper level in the future.
    • A real eye opener. Excellent workshop that clearly demonstrates why Kanban is a great option for your organization and gives you what you need to get started with changes towards Kanban in your organization. 
    • Great workshop, mainly due to the live exercises between lectures, and the instructor was very good. A deep review of the Kanban methodology.
    • Very interesting, eye opener. Great Instructor, with a lot of patience and experience. Helpful hands-on sessions.
    • Yuval is clearly an expert in the field, but at the same time was patient and got across to all the participants who were new to Kanban. Yuval was also extremely receptive to input throughout the workshop and made adjustments to accommodate requests by the participants.
    • Yuval has good knowledge of this arena with good grasp on the related business environment with agility to adjust the material to the audience.
    • Yuval is a very experienced instructor. Knows how to deliver the material and has a strong understanding of the industry and how it works. This provides him a great toolset to deliver the material of the class using many options.

  • A real eye opener. Excellent workshop that clearly demonstrates why Kanban is a great option for your organization and gives you what you need to get started with changes towards Kanban in your organization.

  • Yuval is clearly an expert in the field, but at the same time was patient and got across to all the participants who were new to Kanban. Yuval was also extremely receptive to input throughout the workshop and made adjustments to accommodate requests by the participants.

    Participant in Kanban Training
  • This was the best training I had at HP Yuval's delivery was excellent - helped us wrap our heads around the topic and worked with us a lot on practical topics I highly recommend this training 🙂
    Michal Testing Team Lead, HP Software R&D
    • Yuval from AgileSparks delivered a good course - provided us with basic Kanban knowledge in a day.
    • I could grasp the essence of Kanban and start practicing it.
    • I like the fact we discussed real day to day project management issues.
    • I think such a workshop is a must to engineers working or intending to work Agile. I am working scrum for a couple of years and still find the class interesting and contributing.
    • This workshop provided me with a much better understanding of KANBAN theory, especially through hands on exercises - managing the tasks, gathering and providing statistics and etc. It can be seen that Yuval the instructor has real and broad experience in the hi-tech projects industry and was able to back up theory with concrete examples.
    • Yuval is a very good instructor - he handles the material very well, and delivers in a way that held my interest throughout the course.

    Participant in Kanban Training Intel
  • Yuval Yeret from AgileSparks ran a Kanban workshop for the entire Prezi team (Marketing, Support, Administration, Sales, Design, Engineers) at our Budapest office. Overall, We found the workshop interesting and thorough. We found the use of the Kanban game was cool and useful. We liked the use of a kanban board to run the workshop, as well as that is was driven by our questions, topics and priorities. Most of them were answered in a convincing way! All of the organization (not just Dev) is on the same page about how we want to think and operate with regards to Kanban, and we have a concrete outcome we can take action on tomorrow morning. In addition, the workshop provided us with a Team Building activity... lots of exercises and opportunities to discuss issues amongst ourselves.
    Peter Halacsy
    Peter Halacsy Head of product, Founder at Prezi.com
  • AgileSparks are great agile consultants. We hired AgileSparks, and specifically Yuval Yeret, to support our transition to an agile development model. AgileSparks started working with us very early in the process. They assisted in identifying and focusing on the goals we wanted to achieve, helped us choose the agile method that best suited our needs, and guided us through the different implementation phases. Yuval balances a down-to-earth, practical approach, with deep knowledge of various agile approaches and methods. Throughout our entire project, AgileSparks constantly reflected on what we've accomplished so far, and what should be done more effectively. In a very short time, Yuval acquainted himself with the team, the environment, and the technology, in a way that allowed him to give relevant advice in different phases of the implementation. Finally, throughout the entire process Yuval constantly demonstrated passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the success of our transition to agile.

    Roy Emek
    Roy Emek VP R&D, B2B Data Exchange, Informatica
  • "We can see the improvement - We decided to take the next step in our agile development with the help of Yuval and Elad from AgileSparks. After a three months project working closely together we can clearly see the results: - Much closer work between QA and Dev , a good cooperation allows us to find problem at a much earlier stage in the release. - Planning becomes much better, breaking the tasks into smaller, measurable parts, allows us better tracking and visibility. We will certainly keep the momentum and take this to our next releases."

    Tal Broner
    Tal Broner R&D Group Manager, HP Software
  • I would like to thank AgileSparks and Yuval Yeret for the clear and enlightening Kanban seminar. I think Kanban is a great tool I can - as a manager - have available in the toolkit in order to enforce what we actually discuss as developers all the time: work properly and effective and deliver on time / on quality / on budget.
    David Kotin
    David Kotin Perigen
  • "We are very pleased with our implementation of Scrum methodology which was led  by Yuval Yeret and the other able AgileSparks coaches who worked with us. Yuval Yeret and the Agile Sparks team understood our unique challenges and working environment and effectively addressed them. We began the implementation of Scrum within a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity project, continued with some other projects and the benefits we achieved as result of the Scrum implementation in these project included:

    • Improved working relations between the teams
    • Significantly reduced the escalations and the need for crisis management
    • Shortened the project timetable in 20%
    • Improved the quality of the deliverables
    • Minimized the surprise elements in the project
    • Had ample time to deal with the risks
    • Following the successful results achieved within this project, we decided to adopt the Scrum methodology within many other project teams."

    Arie Vanunu Components & Core Engineering LoP GM
  • Our engineering organization has transitioned from quarterly releases into two weeks releases using Scrum and Kanban. We've switched from a complex, obscure, inefficient and difficult work Gantts into a highly visual Kanban board in which you can understand in seconds your projects status and even more important literally see our development process challenges. This builds a continuous improvement culture. The transition, or better say journey, from Waterfall to Agile has helped to surface all of our development deficiencies / improvement opportunities and with courage we handled those and we still continue to do so after five months / 10 sprints. Through the transition, from Sprint #1 until the present date, we've deployed on our production site new user stories with true business value to a very complex platform and also scaled up the R&D team significantly. In addition to the obvious benefits of the R&D improvements, our business can react much faster than before to market needs and to internal organization needs as our business continues to grow. I would like to thank the incredible highly professional team in AgileSparks and especially to our great Agile coach, Yuval Yeret, who coached, trained us and took us through this journey. "

    Ben Peer
    Ben Peer SVP Technology at FiftyOne (E4X)
  • I would like to thank the incredible highly professional team in AgileSparks and especially to our great Agile coach, Yuval Yeret, who coached, trained us and took us through this journey.

    Ben Peer
    Ben Peer SVP Technology at FiftyOne (E4X)
  • "We chose Scrum in order to improve internal customer integration and satisfaction, raise release quality. We chose Agilesparks to be our guides. We chose an aggressive cross-unit pilot, and the bottom line is that the communication and collaboration improved dramatically. We moved from escalation mode where the interaction is at the managers level to a collaboration mode where the actual working engineers work together in Scrum Teams solving problems and showing working software every few weeks. We are managing project risks much more effectively, and have much better visibility as to the real progress of the release. Based on the success of this pilot and our belief that Agile is required to succeed in our competitive environment, We are now considering how to extend Lean/Agile adoption."
    Yoav Flam - Software
    Yoav Flam - Software Section Lead - Platform Unit - Comverse
  • "Sea waves through window Visual process incrementally changing Cycle time is optimized Matsuo Basho weeping"

    an inspired participant
  • "Our trainer (Yuval Yeret) was very good - knowledgeable and articulated, created good energy and engagement." "Great balance between theory and practice." "The trainer was well versed with the materials and brought in real life examples." "We didn't shy away from tough questions. We allocated enough time to tackle them and provided answers grounded in both the SAFe theory and real life practice in the field"

  • Yuval's exceptional guidance is helping us stay on track during our complex change process. He coached our senior leadership team, & our Chief Marketing Officer. He brings in his deep experience in enterprise Agile transformations and change management in the product development world and intelligently applies and adjusts it to the different context of a large, distributed marketing organization.
    We are developing cutting-edge marketing organization operating systems and Yuval is a key player in a small team developing that operating system that has already resulted in dramatically accelerated time to market on critical marketing campaigns, improved collaboration amongst the different marketing functions, happier more motivated marketers and stronger marketing contribution to the company’s sales operations.
    If you’re looking to transform your Marketing organization to a more agile operating system, you’re in good hands with Yuval and AgileSparks. 

    Cameron Van Orman
    Cameron Van Orman SVP Product & Solution Marketing @ CA Technologies
  • As octoScope’s software team grew, we found our progress has actually slowed down.  And we were seriously considering reducing the software team because it became so difficult to keep them productive.  So, our choice was to scale the team down to a few individuals who work well together or to find another way to scale up.  Yuval spent a day training our software team on the Agile process.  With the hands-on exercises, videos and his persuasive style, he convinced even the ultimate skeptics among us that Agile will help.  Daniell then helped us set up Confluence and Jira and get the Agile process ticking at octoScope.  We are gradually learning to use it and the impact has been astonishing.  The rhythm of the Agile process with its daily stand-ups and bi-weekly demos, retros and grooming sessions forces us to define the work, acceptance criteria and prioritization of features.  Auditing the daily stand-ups with our Boston and India teams, enables me to stay in touch with the team and respond to any challenges by, for example, re-prioritizing work so we continue making steady progress.  The team is now engaged and productive.   If done right, the Agile process shines the light on any roadblocks and idling that may be happening due to lack of work definition.  To make Agile work takes disciplined effort and learning to use the tools.

    Fanny Mlinarsky
    Fanny Mlinarsky OctoScope / CEO
  • It was easy to see that Yuval was more than just a SAFe SME (subject matter expert) but instead had a great breadth of lean-agile experience as well. This afforded him the ability to speak to nearly anyone's unique situations and maximize their learning value. This included both the personal learning level within SAFe as well as the professional level of their organization's challenges they are wanting to solve.

    Participant in an Implementing SAFe SPC workshop in Boston
  • Yuval has the experience to back up his training style. Whenever anti-patterns cropped up he was able to put them down and exemplify the lean-agile mindset required to be a SAFe practitioner.

    Participant in an Implementing SAFe workshop in Boston
  • Second to none... I could have 'Sat at his Feet' for weeks!

  • I have been a certified practitioner in the 'Agile Space' for over 15 years, what he brings to the table is unadulterated excellence, passion, and a relentless commitment to the craft (i.e., the Agile Discipline). I have never been challenged and motivated to deliver excellence at this level in my entire career!

    Participant in an Implementing SAFe workshop in Boston

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