Thank You Page-SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) Class

Thank you for registering for our upcoming SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) Class!

Let’s start with pre-work and preparation for the class. The RTE is an advanced class aimed at practicing RTEs. While there are no strict prerequisites, we recommend having several years of experience in the software/product development world, some experience with Agile, ideally one or more relevant Agile certifications (Not necessarily a SAFe certificate), as well as some hands-on practice in a SAFe-like program environment.   

Review the Scaled Agile Big Picture.  Feel free to click on any of the icons to review guidance articles for a head start on the course topics.

This class relies on you having a level of understanding of the SAFe® Principles.  If you have not taken Leading SAFe® or other SAFe® courses please go to this link to review the principles prior to the class.  please read this article.

Please review this video from Scaled Agile on tips for engaging and enjoying remote training.

We will be using an online tool called Mural. Please watch the prep videos to understand it better.

Catching up on these materials doesn’t replace real-world experience with SAFe but it might help you deal with the class curriculum. 

The workbook will be provided in a digital form. After this email, you will get an invite to ScaledAgile (or if you already have an account it will appear in your account) and the digital version will be there (please do it before the class).


You will receive an email from Scaled Agile inc regarding your learning plan (one week prior to the class). If you have never taken a SAFe® course in the past you will receive two emails. The first is to set up your community access, the second being the learning plan. Once you have your learning plan access please download the digital workbook. If you have any difficulty in downloading the workbook please let us know.

We are using Zoom for this training. I recognize that some corporations are blocking Zoom from their corporate machines; please use a personal or non-restricted device as access to Zoom is vital for the course. (we have looked at other options for the remote learning tool, none have the capabilities of Zoom). Please set up in a space where you can have video on during the course. Seeing each other during the course is an important part of the learning process. Feel free to use the virtual background

If you have any questions meanwhile, feel free to send us an email at: contact@agilesparks.com


Q: When will I get the invite to the class?
A: Usually we will send out emails with the prep information + video conference tool about a week before the class start. 

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