Boosting your agility with the Agile Boost Camp (ABC)

This workshop for people already practicing agile at some level is aimed to boost your agility – fix dysfunctions, get rid of some training wheels, break some myths.

You will get practical tips and tricks, patterns and anti-patterns and good practices that can accelerate your path to a stable, healthy and sustainable Agile way of working, as well as boost your performance.

The agenda includes much useful advice and a long list of practices that will be covered through theory and hands-on exercises; all the instruction will be highly interactive.

Participants will be expected to bring in challenges from their day-to-day work. and time will be allocated to go over these challenges and provide skills and know-how participants can apply in their workplace immediately.

This is a truly agile-style workshop where the participants pick and choose topics they want to address. We adjust the plan along the way and run short timeboxed Pomodoro style sprints.

Popular Topics In The Class:

How to deal with shared/infrastructure teams that cannot effectively join all feature teams

How to deal with Scrum-Fall – Waterfall outside the sprint, Waterfall inside the sprint

How to drive the change towards agile effectively – at the team as well as the organizational level

What’s Scrumbut all about and how to deal with it?

What energizes people in an agile context?

What are the differences between Kanban and Scrum? How can ideas from Kanban help our Scrum?

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Praise for the Workshop

“Finally an agile workshop which brings the theory down to earth and helps us understand what practical steps we can take to address our issues.”

“We should repeat this workshop every couple of months as it allows us to keep boosting from where we are.”


If you’re interested in the full list of optional topics:

  • How to manage and monitor risk throughout the project
  • How to avoid growing quality problems/gaps due to pressure to deliver / focus on the short term.
  • How to avoid and handle Technical Debt and work in a Sustainable pace.
  • Effective change management Infrastructure teams / Kanban teams that give service to more than one scrum team
  • How to reduce the number of defects and surprises in An agile environment?
  • Test-First, ATDD/BDD as a way to Build Quality In
  • How to deal with situations where you cannot have a full “Shippable Software” every sprint
  • How to help the team grow its capabilities in a way that creates better redundancy and velocity while still expecting them to self-organize and pull the work autonomously?
  • The Skills Matrix concept and how it can be used by teams to align on skills growth targets
  • Visibility, dashboards, measurements – how to define, using the right amount
  • How to align Agile and the HR policies of the organization?
  • Agile Performance Reviews, etc.
  • How to deal with “Scrum-fall” of uneven flow within the sprint
  • How to make sure your meetings are effective, especially your Agile ceremonies?
  • Facilitation techniques and specific tips for Agile meetings
  • What is the difference between TL vs SM?
  • How to avoid being blocked during the short sprint due to missing information – the concept of READY
  • How to deal effectively with external resources/people that are shared amongst multiple teams
  • Commitment vs Agility – how to bridge the gap between the need to commit to a certain date/scope and Agile and how to do Agile Release Planning
  • What do managers do in the agile world?
  • Business Agility – how to break the waterfall at the business level
  • How to work Agile with waterfall release/program constraints
  • How to see what is really going on inside the sprint, find bottlenecks, and focus the team on addressing them
  • How to deal with rework/waste caused by working in small stories Approaches to Release Planning
  • How to deal with various Scrum “Smells”/Scrumbuts?
  • How to recognize them Scaling Agile Approaches – SAFe/LeSS etc. comparing, pros, cons
  • How to deal with situations where the classic fixed Scrum team doesn’t seem to work
  • How to deal effectively with external resources/people that are shared amongst multiple teams
  • How to avoid “planning hell” and shorten the time and effort spent in planning/estimation
  • How to estimate effectively at the features level
  • What’s the best choice for a scrum master? dedicated to the team? shared as an “agile coach” between teams? other?
  • How to adjust the Agile ceremonies to the situation of several teams working together?
  • Panoramic activities and specific tips and tricks at scale Agile approach to Architecture/Technical design
  • How to avoid the retrospective dying off due to lack of impact/interest
  • How to effectively do testing on an Agile project
  • How to deal with big stories How to energize the team in the long run, or for a short stretch of time
  • How to see the big picture beyond the sprint

Interested in boosting your agility? Contact us to learn more about the Agile Boost Workshop, relevant public class dates and how we can run it for you in-house.

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