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Workshop Summary:

Over the past several years, Scrum has become more prevalent and is no longer the underdog. but rather the main Agile framework in use.  Along with this change, more and more questions have been raised regarding all sorts of issues. Since Scrum itself is an open framework with a high degree of freedom, many people and companies find themselves puzzled, with no real understanding of how to operate in Scrum, how to instill the mindset and, no less important, how to make sure it will “stick”.
AdvanScrum is a more focused framework, based on Scrum that on the one hand gives you tools and techniques for how to operate with Scrum, but on the other hand, breaks some fundamental “rules” in Scrum on the basis on empirical collective knowledge and best practice.


September 2+3


AgileSparks Headquartes, Rosh Ha’ayin

What you should expect:

Some situations that have been popular with participants so far:


Your Trainer –

Danny (Danko) Kovatch –
Certified Scrum Trainer
International Speaker
Motivation Master
Author of the book “AdvanScrum” (Hebrew)

Our AdvanScrum trainer is Danko (Danny Kovatch).

AdvanScrum Book by Danny (Danko) Kovatch


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