Note: This course has two separate tracks: one for Jira and one for TFS.

The Agile Manifesto focuses on “individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. However many organizations, mainly large distributed organizations, find tools as the best way to reflect synchronization, status and progress between teams and different personas that work together on the same project or share organizational goals.

Jira Agile/Portfolio and TFS are very popular tools that organizations of different sizes use to reflect their Agile working environment. Jira/TFS are highly configurable and can be adjusted to support a variety of different Agile environments.

In this one day course we will learn how to use Jira/TFS (in two separate tracks) wisely with minimum effort for configuration to fit your organizational Agile culture.
If you find jira/TFS configuration painful and awkward, if teams feel that using Jira/TFS is an overhead, if managers cannot get the information they need, this course is for you!

If you are a development manager, a scrum master, an agile coach or it is just that agile is in your heart and soul, register to learn how to make Jira/TFS work for you in the team/program/release/project levels and help you become more Agile in a short time

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Basic concepts in Jira/TFS
  • Backlog hierarchy: Features and Epics, User stories, Tasks and Sub tasks, Bugs
  • Projects and teams (boards)

A day in a life of a Scrum Team: Planning – Prepare the sprint backlog, Daily – Focus on the right thing, Retrospective – Reports

Tips and tricks: How to effectively use the team board, How to progress user stories automatically, Bug management and more.

Agile at Scale: Feature board, Release (PI) status, dashboards, Release planning

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