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Agile for HR Professionals

Agile for HR Professionals

This workshop is aimed at HR professionals whose organizations are moving or have moved to Agile and helps them with the following questions/challenges:

    • What’s Agile all about? Why do we even need it?
    • What is the impact on HR activities? Where should I be involved? What are the key areas I should pay attention to?
    • Is Agile just for the Dev/R&D group or does it have wider implications?
    • What happens to the managers once we go Agile?
    • What happens to the organizational structure during the move to Agile?
    • How does the change towards Agile look like? What are the main risks ?
    • Will our people fit well into the Agile world? Will we need to replace some people? How to hire people who will fit well?
    • What are the new roles that Agile requires and who should do them?
    • Can we leverage Agile mindset and practices beyond the R&D group, e.g. for the HR department?

The workshop will run using agile mindset and practices and be tuned in real time to the needs and interests of participants. You will get answers, hear stories from the field to provide good examples, as well as practical tools to help implementation in your organization.


  • Intro to Agile & Lean

    • Life before Agile: Waterfall and Ad-hoc
    • The Software Crisis
    • Software economics 101
    • Toyota and Lean – The machine that changed the world
    • Kanban
    • The New New Product Development Game and Scrum
    • Activity: Scrum Game
    • From team Agile to organization Agile. Scaling Agile, Feature teams
    • Transitioning to Agile. The AgileSparks Way, Leading change
  • Continuous Improvement

    • The PDCA & OODA loops
    • The Learning Organization
    • Experimentation
    • Retrospectives
    • Kaizen, 5 Whys
  • Motivation & Engagement in Agile

    • The Engagement Crisis
    • Theory X & Theory Y, Pygmalion effect
    • Drive & AMP
    • The Herzberg Model
    • The Gallup 12 factors
    • How Agile helps with engagement
    • Fun and gamification
  • The History of Management & The Agile Leadership Mindset

    • Clans & tribes
    • The industrial revolution – Ford and Taylor
    • Distributed control (e.g. Bungay, Marquet, Reinertsen)
    • The future of organizations – Teal organizations
    • From resources to people
  • Agile HR

    • Hiring for Agile teams
    • Performance management & rewarding
    • Training and Coaching for teams and leaders
    • HR & Innovation, Leveraging hackathons and Ship-it days
    • HR and Change Management

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