Agile Planning and Estimation Training Workshop

From Plan to Planning – Value- Driven Planning

The purpose of every planning is to support decision making. Good planning is one that reliably supports managers’ decision-making. The Agile planning practices discussed in this course will assist managers improve their planning process and correspondingly, improve the decisions they take. Moreover, when Agile is adopted by organizations or when used for upscaling projects, planning becomes a crucial element in executive decision-making and in aligning the entire project/organization around the mutual business goals.

This course is based on our extensive experience of implementing Agile in projects /organizations, in many cases, at scale. Combined with practices and principles from Scrum and SAFe (The Scaled Agile Framework), we will focus on answering several questions that are at the heart of a good Agile planning process:

    • How is planning done across the organization to ensure alignment?
    • How is the backlog hierarchy used in supporting the cross-organization planning process?
    • How is the scope estimated or “not estimated”?
    • How prioritization techniques are used to improve value- driven planning?
    • “Check” – How to close the loop of the “Inspect and Adapt” cycle?

The course combines frontal instruction with games and simulations, which will allow hands-on internalization of the concepts and enrich participants’ “Tool Box”.

Target Audience

    • Scrum Masters
    • Product Owners
    • Managers
    • Program or Project Managers,
    • PMOs,
    • Team Leaders and Team members.


    • Basic knowledge and experience in Agile.

Training duration

    • 2 days (16 hours).

What will you learn?

  • The problem with traditional planning techniques

    • The Cone of Uncertainty
    • Traditional Planning vs. Agile Planning
  • Planning across organization levels

    • 6 levels of planning in Agile
    • Understanding the SAFe way for planning
    • The “Magic” of PI planning
    • Sprint/Iteration planning Practices
    • Planning and Budgeting
  • Working with backlog hierarchy

    • How is the backlog hierarchy used for supporting the cross-organization planning process?
  • Agile Estimation

    • Agile estimation practices
    • Working with “Ideal Days” and “Story Points”
    • Move to “No estimation”
  • Is Backlog Prioritization value-driven planning?

    • The problem with traditional prioritization and the “Hippo” phenomena
    • Understand Cost of Delay (COD)
    • Prioritizing based on Weighted Small Job First (WSJF)
  • Governance – How to close the Loop of the “Inspect and Adapt” Cycle?

    • Visualization – Visualize the work and the process
    • The Agile way of governance and control
    • Main KPI and measurements

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