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Agile Project Management Workshop

Project Management theory and practice have changed dramatically during the last few years. More and more companies realize they need new management methodologies since traditional project management practices don’t address the challenges of an increasingly complex world.
Lean and Agile practices found a good way to manage the risks related to an ecosystem’s uncertainties. They focus on maximizing customer value, managing changes in scope, create a clear workflow, reduce time to market and achieve effectiveness by reducing wastes along the process.
This 2-day workshop will focus on modern Agile methods for managing projects in a complex world.
It will provide project managers a bridge to Agile and enable them to adopt practical and useful practices to implement in existing project management methodologies. As Agile change agents, they will be able to support the organization in exploring the Agile way and even to move forward with the Agile transition.

Join this 2-day workshop to learn how to use the agile practices to make your project tick and your clients happy.

Course topics

    • Mapping the current project management challenge.
    • Why is agile needed? Agile and agility.
    • Agile main concepts.
    • Agile frameworks: Scrum, Kanban.
    • Agile requirements and backlog management.
    • The visualization concepts.
    • Working in large projects SAFe Scaled Agile framework.
    • Agile planning.
    • The new Agile manager – The manager as a servant leader.
    • Product management in Agile – Value-driven development.
    • Agile estimation.
    • KPI and measurements.
    • AgileSparks Way – how to manage Agile transformation.

Our Project Management Workshop Trainer



  • Who Should Attend

    • Project managers.
    • Mid-level managers.
    • Release managers.
    • PMO’s.
  • Prerequisites

    Basic Project management experience.

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