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Advanced Agile Requirements

Advanced Agile Requirements


Want to get a handle on Agile requirements?

In this workshop you will learn the following:


We will go through requirements gathering, organizing, prioritizing, maintenance.


We will walk through detailed scenarios using advanced user story techniques.

Complex real-world scenarios

We will cover complex scenarios such as: technical user stories, frameworks and BI projects, etc.

This interactive workshop is intended for people with prior experience with Agile requirements and tackles the challenges encountered in the field. The workshop is built around a case study which represents three stages in a software project:
  1. Writing high-level requirements, MRD documents, improving personas, leveraging personas in requirements and to understand what customers want.
  2. Writing mid-level requirements, PRDs, UX issues, prioritization and Minimally Marketable Features.
  3. Low-level requirements – small enough for teams to quickly develop and provide fast feedback

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Praise from previous participants

  • Enjoyable workshop, dynamic, thought provoking, effective with a lot of added value and applicable.
  • Material was covered in an interesting way, kept us engaged and interested the whole time.


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