DevOps Flow Workshop

DevOps Flow Workshop

DevOps seeks to extend the agile benefits of Flow, Collaboration, Inspect and Adapt thinking all the way to Production.

While DevOps and Continuous Delivery were born in the world of web operations in companies like Etsy, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Flickr (also called Unicorns in the DevOps community) it is now clear that Enterprise IT/Product Development companies (also known as Horses) can  also benefit immensely from the ideas and practices and achieve similar results if they manage the change/journey towards DevOps in a way that makes sense in their context.

In this workshop we will introduce the concepts of DevOps and Continuous Delivery and help attendees figure out how DevOps can fit into their world as well as how a “DevOps Implementation” might look like.

Testimonials from previous classes

  • “Our trainer (Yuval Yeret) was very good – knowledgeable and articulated, created good energy and engagement.”

    “Great balance between theory and practice.”

    “The trainer was well versed with the materials and brought in real life examples.”

    “We didn’t shy away from tough questions. We allocated enough time to tackle them and provided answers grounded in both the SAFe theory and real life practice in the field”

The following individuals will benefit from the DevOps Flow course:

    • Operations/IT/Sysadmin
    • Dev/Test Leads/Managers.
    • Configuration/Build Engineers.
    • Scrum Masters and Lean/Agile Coaches/Consultants trying to extend their understanding of Agile upstream and downstream beyond just the development/testing aspects.
    • Basically anyone interested in improving the effectiveness of the delivery and operation/ maintenance of software.

DevOps Flow Course Learning Goals

  • After attending the class, attendees should be able to:

    • What is DevOps all about? How is it related to Agile? Lean? How is it different?
    • The business benefits of DevOps and how to quantify them to create buyin/business case for DevOps
    • DevOps – Not just Dev and Ops – Maximize the benefits of the end to end value stream
    • DevOps – Who need it? and who uses it? (Not only for hi-tech web companies)
    • When/Why to use DevOps in your organization?
    • What principles to adopt in order to “Think DevOps”?
    • What process/people practices to adopt in order to start becoming a DevOps operation?
    • What technical practices to adopt in order to really achieve high-performing DevOps?
    • How can I take my organization towards DevOps in a way that will work in real life, achieve results, sustain over time. The evolutionary/revolutionary alternatives.
    • How to convince the business/management to go for DevOps – what will be the ROI/business impact of DevOps?
    • How to assess DevOps readiness/maturity

Topics covered in the DevOps Flow course

    • Explore where Agile has brought us so far and why the need for going beyond classic Agile.
    • Explore the principles of product development flow and how they explain the need for E2E Agility and DevOps.
    • Cost of Delay and Batch Size Optimization.
    • Situations where DevOps can apply – ranging from the birthplace of DevOps in the websphere unicorns all the way to Legacy IT (a.k.a Horses) and the differences in what DevOps might mean in those different contexts.
    • Ways to move towards DevOps – Evolution, Revolution.
    • Kanban as a natural method to work towards DevOps E2E Flow.
    • Process is not enough. Understand the role of technical capabilities such as Continuous Deployment, Monitoring, Test Automation, in the move towards DevOps and the economic framework that can be used to justify the investment.
    • How to deal with a big infrastructural debt and shift towards DevOps in a real world legacy IT organization.


  • 5+ years experience in IT operations / software development / testing / project management.

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