Docker is a very popular framework for building, shipping and running distributed applications. It eases the deployment process. In this course, the students understand the concepts, architecture and user-cases of Docker and Docker Swarm. The course involves extensive hands-on exercises which are crucial to the understanding of the Docker mechanics.


Target Audience

Developers, DevOps, System Administrators


  • Basic Linux commands
  • Basic Programming Concepts (control flows, conditionals, scripting)



  • The problem domain
  • How Docker works
    • Linux namespaces
    • cgroups
  • Docker vs VM
  • Docker architecture
  • Installing Docker


  • Running containers
    • 3rd party containers
    • Logging
    • Debugging containers
  • Managing containers


  • Mounting volumes to a container
  • Managing volumes
    • Listing
    • Deleting
  • Using data containers

Building images

  • Dockerfile syntax
    • FROM, ADD, RUN, CMD ..
  • Build configuration
  • Image caching
  • Managing Docker images
    • Tagging
    • Publishing to registry
    • Deletion

Docker compose

  • Docker compose syntax
    • Services
    • Build definitions
    • Inheritance
  • Networking
  • Docker-compose cli api

Docker swarm

  • Clustering Docker containers
  • Swarm architecture
    • Managers
    • Workers
  • Building a swarm cluster
  • Publishing a service to Docker swarm
  • Service discovery
  • Load balancing

Duration:      2 days.

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