From Zero to Continuous Delivery Workshop

From Zero to Continuous Delivery Workshop

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery became a very important practice for agile organizations. The ability to have a short cycle from development to production with proper feedback is priceless. In this course, the students will learn the concepts, advantages and challenges of these practices and will also learn how to implement Continuous Delivery from scratch using a selected set of tools. Students will become familiar with selected popular tools in which they will bootstrap their own Continuous Delivery platform.

The course provides extensive hands-on and the students will build their own CD environment on the cloud using SCM (Git), CI (Jenkins), CM (Ansible), deployment (Docker) and monitoring (Nagios, ELK).

Target Audience

    • Developers
    • Team Leaders
    • Project Managers
    • CMs.


    • Familiarity with development practices or basic scripting abilities.
    • Understanding of software development cycle.

Training duration

    • 3 Days

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to CD Process Concepts

    • Why CI and CD?
    • Main benefits
    • Main challenges
    • Does it fit everyone.
    • Automated Testing
    • Build Management
    • Setups and Deployment
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery
    • The Big Picture
  • The Build and Continuous Integration

    • The Part of the SCM in the Process
      • Git
        • Git Architecture
        • Basic Commands
          • SCM Best Practices
      • Maven
        • Maven Concepts
        • Dependency Management
        • Automated Testing
        • The Binary Repository
      • Jenkins
        • Introduction to Jenkins
        • Job Scripting
        • Dashboards
        • Best Practices
  • Continuous Delivery

    • Introduction
    • Ansible
      • Basic Concepts
      • The Programming Language
      • Testing and Debugging
      • Error Handling
      • Modules
      • Configuration Tools
    • The Complete Process
  • Deployment

    • Docker
      • Introduction to Docker
      • Creating Container
      • Using Docker Images
      • Docker Hub
      • Docker and Sandbox Testing
      • Deployment
  • Monitoring

    • Introduction Continuous Monitoring
    • Logs Aggregation
    • ELK Overview
    • Metrics
      • Introduction to Nagios
      • Overall System Monitoring

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