Introduction to Agile for IT and Non-Dev Teams

Introduction to Agile for IT and Non-Dev Teams

As more and more companies find that the classic waterfall approach for project management does not fit their reality, Agile methodologies emerge as the best solution in the current dynamic project environment, where in many cases not all requirements are clear before the project starts and change requests are inserted often during development. Not less important is the fact that people have come to realize that the ability to estimate development efforts accurately is limited, at best.

Participants in this workshop will gain understanding of the concepts behind Agile and that it is a mindset shift, rather than a just a set of guidelines and rules. Participants will understand how Agile project management is done by applying high collaboration and value-driven development; get acquainted with the main Agile methodologies and when to use them, and gain basic, common vocabulary that will allow them to discuss issues with other Agile practitioners.

Target Audience

    • Operations, team members,
    • Managers, project managers,
    • Infrastructure engineers,
    • IT managers and
    • Anyone wishing to understand what Agile means

Training duration

    • This workshop can run as 1 or 2 days.


    • None.

What will you learn?

  • Why Agile?

    • Why is Agile taking over to product development industry.
    • Why is it important to understand Agile concepts even if you are not a part of a software product development team.
  • Background and Introduction to Agile

    • How did it all start and why. How the Agile approach and the values and mindset behind it arose.
    • What is Agile and what does it mean to “Be Agile”.
    • The Agile Manifesto and it’s impact on Non-Dev teams.
    • Agile core values.
  • Agile methodologies

    • Overview of the main Agile methodologies (Scrum/Kanban/XP)
    • Scrum
      • The Scrum Game – A fun game which emphasises the power of the self organized team.
      • Why is it the most common way to “Do Agile”.
      • Scrum Events/Ceremonies/Artifacts and how to use it wisely.
      • A taste of how can a Non Dev team can use Scrum and harness the power of Sprints/Iterations.
    • Kanban
      • The history of Kanban.
      • Kanban Principles – Visible work, Wip limit, Flow.
      • The difference between Scrum and Kanban and when to use which.
      • What are the main uses of the Kanban method in the technological industry and specifically for Non Dev teams.
      • The Kanban game – An illustrative online game that lets you experience the power of Kanban at the Team level.
    • DevOps
      • What is it? how does it relate to Agile?
  • Agile Product ownership

    • Cracking the mystery of the product backlog.
    • Agile Planning.
    • Agile estimation.
    • The creation of the right User stories.
    • INVEST in your backlog.
    • Creating & Prioritizing business value user stories (themes, epics).
    • Communicating with the customers and stakeholders.
  • Agile for IT Ops teams

    • Operation challenges and Agile.
    • How can Agile mindset and methodologies be of help.
    • The use of Kanban to identify bottlenecks and other problems impeding flow.
    • What does iterative development mean for Non-Dev teams?
    • Exercise – Take one of your Non-Dev value streams and build an Agile solution that can help with the challenges of unplanned work, conflicting priorities and more.
  • Transforming to Agile

    • Get an overview of the nature of Agile transformations and the major risks and milestones.
      • Moving to Agile in your organization, what are the minimal requirements?
      • What can you expect when moving to Agile, implications and risks.
      • Doing Agile vs. Being Agile – beware the “Agile Theatre” mode.
      • Key impediments that block Agility and how to overcome them.
      • The way ahead.

Are you in IT? OPS? Interested to understand how Agile can help your non-developers team?

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