Micro-Services with Spring Boot & Spring Cloud

Microservices are the current architectural trend. Many organizations implementing agile at scale across the enterprise realize that a monolithic system architecture is one of their major impediments to achieving real agility. Implementing autonomous teams, continuous integration and delivery and other key agile practices are almost impossible unless the Monolith is broken down into smaller autonomous well-defined microservices.

In this course, the students will learn how to implement micro-services using Spring Cloud and Spring Boot.

Testimonials from workshop participants:

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Target Audience

Java developers, team leaders and project managers



Profound knowledge of the Java language

Profound knowledge of Spring Core v4



Spring DI and Boot overview:

  • Spring Beans Overview
  • Spring Boot Architecture
  • Spring Boot Starters
  • Build and Deploy
  • Integration of Spring Services

Micro-services Overview:

  • Introduction to Micro-Services
  • Motivation
  • Challenges
  • Cloud-Native development and principles – design patterns

Spring Cloud:

  • Application Contexts in Spring Cloud
  • Bootstrapping
  • Central configuration
  • Service Discovery
  • High Availability
  • Using Circuit-Breaker
  • Load Balancing
  • The Cloud Bus

Duration:          2 days.

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