Agile Product Ownership Training Workshop

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Scrum is an Agile software development framework. Work is structured in cycles called sprints, iterations of work that are typically two to four weeks in duration. During each sprint, teams draw from a prioritized list of customer requirements (AKA product backlog), called user stories, so that the features that are developed first are those of the highest value to the customer. At the end of each sprint, a potentially shippable product is delivered.

Scrum defines three roles: Scrum Team, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

The Product Owner has a unique and critical role since he/she has the following responsibilities:

  • Definition of the features of the product
  • Decision about the release date and content
  • The profitability of the product (ROI)
  • Prioritization of the features according to market (business) value
  • Adjusting features and their priority every 30 days, or as needed
  • Acceptance or rejection of the work results.

In this 2-days AgileSparks workshop built mainly for onsite delivery participants will learn to become effective Product Owners.


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Target Audience

Executives, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers.


Knowledge in Agile and experience with product ownership are an advantage, but not required

Learning Objectives

The Agile value proposition

● Project pains
● What is a successful project?
● Traditional software lifecycle vs. Agile
● The Agile Manifesto
● The Agile Culture

Agile Frameworks

● XP – eXtreme Programming
● Lean and Kanban
● Scrum

Introduction to Scrum

● The principle of Scrum
● The roles in Scrum
● Scrum meetings
● Succeeding with Scrum
● Scrum smells

Product Owner Role

● Product Management Challenges
● Product Manager and Product Owner
● Product Owner profile
● Role and Responsibilities

Agile Planning

● Building a Product Vision
● Building a product roadmap
Agile Requirements
● Understanding User Stories
● The Product backlog, Just-In-Time requirements
● Backlog refinement
● Writing good stories, the INVEST model
● Definition of Done, Definition of Ready
● Breaking down large user stories, Elephant carpaccio
● Epics and Themes, MMFs
● Story mapping

Release Planning & Tracking

● Estimation
● Velocity
● Prioritization
● Predictability and agility
● Planning a release
● Tracking using evidence

Working with Scrum teams

● Motivating and engaging the team
● Tracking the sprint
● Sprint Review
● Retrospectives
● Changes mid-sprint
● Handling support
● Handling blockers, dependencies and surprises
● Sustainability and Technical debt

Scaling up to Larger Products with Multiple Teams

● Portfolio Management
● Scrum of Scrums
● SAFE – Scaled Agile For the Enterprise
● LeSS – Large Scale Scrum
● Scaling Agile at Spotify

Enterprise Agility

● From R&D Agility to Business Agility
● The Lean Startup Movement
● Experiments and failing fast
● From cost management to value creation
● Design Thinking

Launching Agile, Improving Agile

● Managing the change to Agile
● The Shu-Ha-Ri expertise model
● Continuous Improvement
● Failure patterns in the transition to agile

The training includes multiple games and activities, and discussions are encouraged

The following materials are handed out:

– The five questions a product owner should be asking himself in backlog refinement
– Recipes for breaking down large user stories
– The value scale
– Tips for motivating and engaging teams

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