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Kanban For Project/Program Management Workshop

Kanban for Project/Program Management

Kanban is a method for evolutionary change using Visualization, Flow Control and Collaborative Improvement. Kanban is a classic way to apply Lean at a Project/Program level – it is a very effective way to manage projects but not less important guides the project leadership in how to systematically deal with main risks to ongoing success and thereby improve predictability, effectiveness and overall outcomes over both the short term and the long run. All this in a pragmatic way driven by your own context.

In this 2-day Kanban Training focused on Kanban for Project/Program Management participants will learn and experience:

    • How Kanban is a driver for improved delivery capabilities
    • How to manage different types of deliveries – Projects, Service Delivery, combination – in a Kanban Flow system
    • Predictability – how to make and meet commitments with Kanban – for both big projects as well as specific deliveries.
    • Tracking – How to track projects using Cumulative Flow Diagram Burnup Charts using real world examples from Enterprise-level companies running Product Release/Customer Projects with Kanban.
    • Hybrids – How to use Kanban in a mixed internal/external environment – Waterfall/Scrum/Iterative
    • What is the Project Manager/PMO role in a Lean/Kanban system – Enabling Flow and Improvement
    • Kanban at the aggregation of projects/Portfolio Level
    • How to lead or guide the adoption of Kanban in a project/program/portfolio level – from initial visualization and system design through to guided evolutionary change – what is the required leadership mindset and practices.
    • How different rollout options fit different contexts – Evolution/Revolution/Team focus versus organizational focus.
    • How to use quantitative feedback loops at the organizational level – Using Operational Reviews, Lean Metrics, Scientific method to improvement.

Praise from participants

    • “A real eye opener. Excellent workshop that clearly demonstrates why Kanban is a great option for your organization and gives you what you need to get started with changes towards Kanban in your organization.”
    • “great workshop, mainly due to the live exercises between lectures and the instructer was vey good.”
    • “I think such a workshop is a must for engineers working in Agile or or intending to. I am working scrum for couple years and find the class interesting and contributing.”
    • “I like the fact we discussed real day to day project managing issues. We did not focus on technical execution such as stand up meetings and effort estimation techniques which is being overdiscussed… It can be seen that the instructor has real and broad experience at hi-tech project management industry and he can back up the theory with concrete examples.”

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