Lean/Agile Product Management

Workshop Summary

The demand on Product Managers continues to increase all the time. We need to create better products, more suitable and better loved by our customers, faster than ever before. We need to respond to swift changes in the market, both technological and competitive, while remaining innovative.

At the same time, many development organizations are adopting Agile methodologies to improve their delivery capabilities. But these changes are not enough without changing Product Management methodologies to better discover and feed those Agile teams.

Lean/Agile Product Management is an integration of Lean and Agile concepts into a practice which allows Product Mangers to shorten time to market by improving their focus and communication with users, customers and R&D.

The workshop includes interactive exercises and real life situations, covers the key factors for successful Lean/Agile Product Management implementation and provides important insights and best practices that can be implemented in your Product Management organization.

Target Audience

Product Managers in Agile or Non-Agile companies.Managers who work with customers on product or project discovery and with R&D on product or project delivery.

This course is available as an internal workshop for a Product Management team, or as a public workshop.

Our Lean/Agile Product Management trainer is Inbar Oren.

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Your Trainer – Inbar Oren
Inbar brings with him more than 15 years of experience in the hi-tech world in a wide range of roles. Since 2008, Inbar has focused on implementing Agile/Lean in organizations to improve their results, with particular attention to teaching product and marketing departments new tools to respond faster and more effectively to the changing markets.

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