Lean/Agile Marketing Workshop

Marketing is undergoing a major disruption via the transition to Digital Marketing, Focus on Customer experience and Success & the explosion of Marketing Technology. Agile Marketing helps marketers build a healthier funnel and contribute more revenue by improving the time to market, quality, and impact of marketing campaigns.

Our 2-day workshop is comprehensive – starting from the basics, diving deeper into the real-world struggles, the underlying principles, sharing experience from real case studies, and not shying away from tough questions.

  • Understand the need and key drivers for Agile Marketing
  • Understand the principles of real Agile Marketing and how it’s different than Agile Development
  • Understand how agile marketing teams look like
  • Learn to organize marketing work around the customer and experience.
  • Learn how to plan and execute in an Agile way using Scrum and Kanban
  • Understand the difference between incrementing and iterating and how to integrate learning/experimentation into your marketing process.
  • Learn from case studies of other marketing organizations that are shifting to Agile.
  • Learn how to start implementing Agile Marketing in your team/organization.

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A 2-Day Immersion In Agile Marketing

Day 1


The Need For Agile Marketing

What Is Agile Marketing (And What It Isn’t)

Principles and Practices

Customer Focus through Agile Teams and Stories

Implementing An Agile Planning/Execution Approach w/ Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban

Creating a Validated Learning Process/Culture

Collaboration/Alignment/Effective Agile teams

Day 2

Succeeding w/ Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing in Real Life (Case Studies)

Scaling Agile Marketing

Change Management

Beyond Agile Marketing – Towards Business Agility

Plan Your Agile Marketing Implementation

Agile Marketing Lean Coffee – Your Topics


Testimonials from Agile Marketers:

“We loved it!
Had a great 2 days and couldn’t stop talking about it when back at the office.”


“I really enjoyed it.
Can’t wait to start to implement what I learned.”


“I came in skeptic about Agile Marketing.
I left enthusiastic to try it. “

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