HR Aspects in Agile

Workshop Summary

In the past few years, more and more companies are transitioning to the Agile methodology.  This methodology focuses first off on empowering the employees and changing the standard management approach of the past century and secondly on process changes.  The main change comes from the change in mindset that development methodology is empirical and holistic and therefore needs a long term process.  While the change focuses on the development teams and the new mindset for development managers, the HR managers (who have a pivotal role in the success of implementation), have been mostly left out of the picture.  This workshop focuses on the nature of the change, and the HR aspects that need to be applied in the Agile world.  Participation in this workshop will provide the tools for upper managers and HR Managers to not only understand the change happening within their organization, but also to foresee the challenges that await it and be prepared with appropriate tools to address them.

See what previous participants are saying about this workshop:

  • Interesting, enriching, clear, answered many questions.
  • Excellent!
  • We had both our HR Managers and upper managers attend together and found that it really helped them become more synchronized and understand the importance of human resources aspects in the Agile transition.


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