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Leading Agile Software Teams (LAST) – Public Workshop

Leading Agile Software Teams (LAST) – Public Workshop

In this 2 day public workshop we will discover the mindset and skills a manager needs to have in order to lead in a complex environment, characterized by a high level of uncertainty and the need to constantly adapt to a changing situation.

We will learn how the manager can set the direction and create clarity, enable the safety and trust people need to be both effective and creative. We will expose the tools managers have at their disposal in existing Agile frameworks to make this all happen.


    • The Role of the Manager in a modern, Agile world
    • Modern Motivation
    • Managing Agile Teams
    • Technical Leadership
    • Collaboration & Decision Making
    • Managing Change/Team Growth

Our Trainers


Sagi Smolarski

Partner, Lead Coach, SPC

Yael Rabinovich

Partner, Lead Coach, SPC

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How is This Workshop Different?

    • It is specifically targeting managers in software development organizations.
    • It is Agile-friendly from the ground-up, thereby preventing the potential “clash” between an organization’s transition to Agile, and traditional “old-school” leadership programs.
    • All materials are in English, and are therefore portable to multi-national teams. The workshops are being delivered in either Hebrew or English.
    • Incorporates the latest research in management and teamwork.
    • Born out of a combination of experience and insights from seasoned software managers with hands-on experience coaching agile teams, and a leading expert in management training and organizational consulting.
    • People attending this training will get hands-on best practices and tools which will help them cope with the situations discussed throughout the course.
    • Each session includes at least one game or exercise where we engage participants to experience and discover, and put what we are learning into practice. Learning can be fun!

Praise for the Workshop

  • Leading Agile Software Teams (LAST) is also available as an inhouse team leaders development program. Contact us below to learn more about how companies are using LAST to complement/replace traditional development programs.

Detailed Content


  • Goal: In this module each participant will be able to answer the following:

    • What does the organization expect from me as a manager and as a leader?
    • What does it mean to be a modern manager in an agile environment?
    • What are my strengths and weaknesses in light of this?
    • What am I taking away to strengthen as a result of identifying this gap?
    • The following concepts will be discussed:
    • Leading through influence rather than authority
    • Technical leadership vs. mission leadership
    • Creating alignment and transparency inside the team and externally
    • Creating meaning and purpose for my team, “starting with the why”
    • Creating safety and trust, identify and address trust issues
    • Transitioning from being an expert to being a leader, coach and mentor
    • The manager as an enabler for the self-organizing team
    • Decentralization and Alignment
    • Creating a culture of execution and results – starting with the end in mind
    • Building a culture of continuous improvement
    • Management by walking around
    • Leading creative people, enabling innovation
    • The gaps between plan, action and outcome (Bungay’s friction model)


  • Goals:

    • What are the motivation factors for my team members?
    • Identify a single team member and a single action I can take to increase his motivation.
  • Topics highlight:

    • Autonomy as a means to create engagement
    • The Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose model to motivation
    • The Pygmalion effect
    • The Maslow Pyramid
    • McGregor’s Theory X & Theory Y
    • Herzberg’s Motivational and Hygiene Factors  Gaming and Fun at work
    • Motivating generation Y


  • Goals:

    • What are the attributes of a winning team?
    • How do I take my team one step forward in that direction?
    • Understand how constraints and policies help create trust and learn.
  • Topics highlight:

    • What is a team? Groups & Teams, Cross-functional/Feature teams vs. Component Teams, Squads and Chapters
    • Tuckman’s model of team evolution: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
    • Generalist vs. Specialists, The skills matrix
    • Dysfunctions of a team and how to deal with them
    • The structure and size of an effective team


  • Goals:

    • Get to know the Agile Engineering Practices and understand your role in leading your team to embrace those practices.
    • Understand where my team stands relative to those practices and what do we want to adopt or strengthen.
  • Topics highlight:

    • Agile architecture – Balancing the need for product architecture and the just-in-time nature of Agile
    • Managing quality – What is my role in the quality of my team’s outcome, and what are the practices which will help me get an optimal quality
    • Technical Safety as a driver for efficiency and motivation
    • Engineering Best Practices. TDD/ATDD, Continuous integration, Continuous Delivery


  • Goals:

    • Understand how I can use collaborative decision making approaches to reach good decisions with a high level of buy-in.
    • Understand how I can use meetings facilitation to improve the collaboration in my team.
  • Topics highlight:

    • The routines and ceremonies which foster collaboration in teams
    • Managing brainstorming sessions, group thinking
    • Collaborative decision making and fair processes
    • Facilitating team meetings
    • Collaborating across teams

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