Leading Agile Software Teams (LAST)

Leading Agile Software Teams

How is This Workshop Different?

  1. t is specifically targeting managers in software development organizations.
  2. It is Agile-friendly from the ground-up, thereby preventing the potential “clash” between an organization’s transition to Agile, and traditional “old-school” leadership programs.
  3. All materials are in English, and are therefore portable to multi-national teams. The workshops are being delivered in either Hebrew or English.
  4. Incorporates the latest research in management and teamwork.
  5. Born out of a combination of experience and insights from seasoned software managers with hands-on experience coaching agile teams, and a leading expert in management training and organizational consulting.
  6. This program is modular, and except for the first module, following modules will be selected based on the areas the company wants to strengthen.
  7. People attending this training will get hands-on best practices and tools which will help them cope with the situations discussed throughout the course.
  8. Each session includes at least one game or exercise where we engage participants to experience and discover, and put what we are learning into practice. Learning can be fun!

What you should expect:

The program is built from one full-day intro workshop, and four ½-day workshop sessions. The first session’s goal is to set the stage for the following sessions.

In the first session the group will identify the top challenges they are facing, and accordingly will choose the relevant modules for the following four workshop sessions.

Throughout the program, participants will get homework from one session to the next, so they have an opportunity to apply the principles learned, and share their experience with the rest of the group.

Interested in the Leading Agile Software Teams Workshop/Program?

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