Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification – Boston, Jan 2019 – Guaranteed to Run

January 15 @ 8:00 am - January 18 @ 3:00 pm






Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification – Chicago, Jan 2019 – Guaranteed to Run

January 22 @ 8:00 am - January 25 @ 3:00 pm



United States



Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC 4 Certification – Herndon VA – Feb 2019 – Guaranteed to Run

February 11 @ 8:00 am - February 14 @ 3:00 pm



United States



SAFe® 4.5 Product Manager/Product Owner with PMPO Certification- Israel

February 19 @ 9:30 am - February 20 @ 5:30 pm

Kfar Saba




Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification – San Diego – Feb 2019

February 25 @ 7:00 am - February 28 @ 4:00 pm



SAFe 4.6 Release Train Engineer (RTE) – Boston – Feb 2019 – Guaranteed to Run

February 27 @ 8:00 am - March 1 @ 5:00 pm








Implementing SAFe 4.6 with SPC4 Certification – Shanghai – March 2019

March 5 @ 8:00 am - March 11 @ 5:00 pm



Many of the world's leading companies prefer AgileSparks training:

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  • "Everyone enjoyed the material and content of the training, the way it was presented, the practice and the applications mapped to what the team is currently working on.  In short, all participants felt that the two training sessions gave them more clarity and order regarding what they previously knew of the Agile process, and the RallyDev tool in particular. We received a lot of useful recommendations from the trainer, Ofer, based on his past experience, that we are planning to adapt and follow as much as possible in our process. Ofer was very well prepared and used many helpful real examples while covering the theoretical portion. He was able to answer the majority of the questions, and during the exercises, he was able to adapt to and understand the team needs for improvements and  to react with solid recommendations."

    Marius Boldea InfoPrint
  • "Yuval Yeret from AgileSparks ran a Kanban workshop for the entire Prezi team (marketing, support, administration, sales, design, engineers) at our Budapest office. We found the workshop interesting and thorough. The Kanban game was cool and useful. We liked the use of a Kanban board to run the workshop, and the way it was driven by our questions, topics, and priorities. Most of them were answered in a convincing way! All of the organization (not just Dev) is now on the same page about how we want to think and operate regarding Kanban, and we have a concrete outcome we can take action on tomorrow morning. In addition, the workshop provided us with a team building activity and lots of exercises and opportunities to discuss issues amongst ourselves."

    Peter Halacsy
    Peter Halacsy Head of product, Founder at
  • "I would like to thank AgileSparks and Yuval Yeret for the clear and enlightening Kanban seminar. I think Kanban is a great tool that I can - as a manager - have available in the toolkit in order to enforce what we actually discuss as developers all the time: work properly and effectively and deliver on time, on quality, on budget."

    David Kotin
    David Kotin Perigen
  • "Moving to Scrum was made easier after this course ( Scrum Masters). If you're considering Scrum, there is no place better to start than here. After just two days, the transformation actually looks doable and much less daunting."

    Amir Harush
    Amir Harush Director R&D and QA at Aladdin
  • "Our trainer (Yuval Yeret) was very good - knowledgeable and articulate, created good energy and engagement." "Great balance between theory and practice." "The trainer was well versed with the materials and brought in real life examples." "We didn't shy away from tough questions. We allocated enough time to tackle them and provided answers grounded in both the SAFe theory and real-life practice in the field."

  • "It was a real pleasure! Not only was the Scrum training we took with AgileSparks super fun, but it also gave us all the tools we needed to start working Agile. Even the most skeptical management members got on board. The change in the company was instant."

    Michal Blumenthal
    Michal Blumenthal VP Project Management - MCE
  • "The best! Yuval is an outstanding Instructor who clearly articulates his deep experience to guide you through the scaled Agile framework and how to apply it to your needs. Highly recommended."

    Jon Davis PriceWaterhouseCooper
  • “Yuval’s class is great! His broad experience as a consultant and active member of various Agile communities helps in connecting the dots. He also adds examples from his own experience to practically every aspect and subject of the class. His interactive teaching style stimulates conversation and learning by building on his experiences and knowledge as well as that of class attendees.”

    Jasper Sonnevelt
    Jasper Sonnevelt Lean/Agile Transformations Consultant - Leankit
  • "As octoScope’s software team grew, we found our progress had slowed, and we were seriously considering reducing the team because it was difficult to keep it productive.  Our choice was to scale the team down to a few individuals who work well together or to find another way to scale up.  Yuval spent a day training our software team on the Agile process. With the hands-on exercises, videos and his persuasive style, he convinced even the ultimate skeptics among us that Agile would help.  Daniell then helped us set up Confluence and Jira to get the Agile process ticking at octoScope.  We are gradually learning, and the impact has been astonishing. The rhythm of the Agile process with its daily stand-ups and bi-weekly demos, retros and grooming sessions forces us to define the work, acceptance criteria and prioritization of features.  Auditing the daily stand-ups with our teams in Boston and India enables me to stay in touch and respond to any challenges by, for example, re-prioritizing work, so we continue making steady progress.  The team is now engaged and productive.   If done right, the Agile process shines a light on any roadblocks and idling that may be happening due to lack of work definition. To make Agile work, it takes disciplined effort and learning to use the tools."

    Fanny Mlinarsky
    Fanny Mlinarsky OctoScope / CEO
  • Yuval is more than just a SAFe SME (subject matter expert), he has a great breadth of lean-agile experience as well. This affords him the ability to speak to nearly anyone's unique situation and to maximize their learning value. This included at the personal learning level within SAFe as well as the professional level regarding the challenges their organization wanted to solve.

    Participant in an Implementing SAFe SPC workshop in Boston
  • Yuval has the experience to back up his training style. Whenever anti-patterns cropped up he was able to put them down and exemplify the lean-agile mindset required to be a SAFe practitioner.

    Participant in an Implementing SAFe workshop in Boston

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