Implementing the Scaled Agile Framework™ (SAFe) w/ SPC4 Certification

How do you implement SAFe in a pragmatic way? AgileSparks has years of a variety of agile scaling experiences – Since 2008 We’ve been helping organizations such as Intel, Siemens, HP, Philips achieve agility at scale.

In our 4-day Implementing SAFe 4.6 workshops, our SPCTs share their experience to help bring to life SAFe’s principles, roles, events, artifacts.

Attendees of AgileSparks SPC workshops get access to on-demand mentoring on their journey to become an SPC and their first steps in the SAFe implementation trenches. 

Following along the SAFe Implementation Roadmap you will learn:

  • The competencies needed for successful implementation of SAFe. (The class starts with a deep dive into the SAFe competencies using the Leading SAFe curriculum delivered with an emphasis on how to teach the curriculum and exploring some deeper aspects that aren’t covered in a typical SAFe Agilist context )
  • When to choose SAFe as your scaling approach
  • Tips and tricks for pitching SAFe in your organization
  • Techniques for identifying SAFe Value Streams and designing Agile Release Trains
  • How to prepare for the successful launch of your first Agile Release Train.
  • Where to focus your attention when coaching Agile Release Trains through their first couple of Program Increments
  • How to build a continuous delivery pipeline and DevOps culture
  • When/how to extend towards a Lean Portfolio or a Large Solution configuration.
  • Patterns for healthy and sustainable SAFe implementation.

Upcoming Public SPC Workshops



Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification – Chennai, September 2019

September 5 @ 9:30 am - September 8 @ 6:00 pm



Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification – Boston, September 2019

September 17 @ 8:00 am - September 20 @ 5:00 pm



Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification – Seattle- September 2019

September 23 @ 8:00 am - September 26 @ 5:00 pm

All Scheduled SPC Classes

Hear from SPCs who took our Implementing SAFe workshop

Benefits of attending an AgileSparks Implementing SAFe workshop and becoming a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)

Implementing SAFe is the premier SAFe workshop. It provides the deepest insights into the intricacies of the SAFe framework and how to implement it.

Implementing SAFe classes are led by SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs) – ensuring a high quality of delivery, real-world experience, and training professionalism. The classes are co-trained by an SPCT or specifically approved experienced SPCs.

Taking an Implementing SAFe class is the path to getting certified as a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC). SPCs can deliver formal SAFe training classes and have access to all the SAFe power toolkits.

Is the Implementing SAFe class for you? Should you pursue an SPC4 Certification?

Typical participants in the class include:

  • Leaders in the Product Development/IT organization looking to educate themselves on approaches for scaling agile beyond the team level. SAFe is certainly the most popular scaling approach out there.
  • Agile Consultants/Coaches/Scrum Masters looking to add program/portfolio training/consulting/coaching capabilities to what they can offer their teams/clients, and looking to add the desired SPC4 badge to their resume.
  • Leaders/Change Agents looking to understand how to implement SAFe in a healthy effective way using the SAFe Implementation Roadmap.
  • Project/Program Management Office (PMO) personnel or consultants looking to understand how to implement Lean/Agile at the Program/Portfolio level for their organization or their clients.
  • Process/Quality Center of Excellence people trying to balance agility and coherent robust process framework.

Recommended level of experience for the Implementing SAFe class

If your aim is to take the SAFe® 4 Program Consultant certification exam and practice as a SAFe® 4 Program Consultant (SPC), we highly recommend you have several years of experience in the software/product development world, some experience with Agile, and ideally one or more relevant Agile certifications (Not necessarily a SAFe certificate)

ChennaiIndiaIndiaSeptember 5, 2019chennaiindiaindia
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - New York City, September 2019 - Guaranteed to Run
New YorkNYUnited StatesSeptember 9, 2019Abram Janse, Yuval YeretGuaranteed To Runnew-yorkny us-east-coast usunited-statesabram-janse yuval-yeretgtr
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - Boston, September 2019
BostonMAUnited StatesSeptember 17, 2019Yuval YeretGuaranteed To Runbostonma us-east-coast usunited-statesyuval-yeretgtr
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - Seattle- September 2019
SeattleWAUnited StatesSeptember 23, 2019Vikas Kapilaseattlewa us-west-coast usunited-statesvikas-kapila
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - Miami - October 2019
MiamiFLUnited StatesOctober 15, 2019Vikas Kapilamiamifl us-east-coast usunited-statesvikas-kapila
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - Reston VA - Oct 2019
RestonVAUnited StatesOctober 21, 2019Vikas Kapilareston washington-dc-areava us-east-coast usunited-statesvikas-kapila
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - Atlanta - November 2019
AtlantaGAUnited StatesNovember 11, 2019Vikas Kapilaatlantaga us-east-coast usunited-statesvikas-kapila
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - Boston, November 2019
BostonMAUnited StatesNovember 12, 2019Yuval Yeretbostonma us-east-coast usunited-statesyuval-yeret
IndiaNovember 23, 2019india
Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC Certification - Chicago, December 2019
ChicagoILUnited StatesDecember 10, 2019Vikas Kapilachicagoilunited-statesvikas-kapila
Implementing SAFe w/ SPC Certification - Boston, March 2020
BostonMAUnited StatesMarch 24, 2020Yuval Yeretbostonma us-east-coast usunited-statesyuval-yeret
Implementing SAFe w/ SPC Certification - Boston, June 2020
BostonMAUnited StatesJune 2, 2020Yuval Yeretbostonma us-east-coast usunited-statesyuval-yeret
Implementing SAFe w/ SPC Certification - Boston, August 2020
BostonMAUnited StatesAugust 11, 2020Yuval Yeretbostonma us-east-coast usunited-statesyuval-yeret

AgileSparks Implementing SAFe SPC workshop Trainers (SPCTs)

Some of the world’s largest technology firms implement SAFe with AgileSparks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Implementing SAFe SPC workshop

Q: I’ve taken the Leading SAFe class and am already a SAFe Agilist. Looks like the first two days of class are a repeat of Leading SAFe. Can I just join the last two Implementing days?

A: No. Implementing SAFe is a 4 days class that needs to be attended in full regardless of any previous SAFe class participation/experience/certification. (This is an SAI policy). The Leading SAFe section of the Implementing SAFe class is delivered in a deeper more train-the-trainer oriented fashion than in a regular Leading SAFe class. Participants who’ve taken Leading SAFe before report that going through the class again is immensely helpful to getting a deeper understanding and fresh perspective that is helping them become better SPCs, especially if they intend to teach SAFe classes.

Q: What do I get? Does the price include the certification?

A: The workshop price includes:

  • Attendance of the Implementing SAFe 4-day class
  • Student workbook
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and refreshments
  • Opportunity to take the SPC4 assessment after the class.

Attendees who pass the exam will receive:

  • SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) certificate
  • A SAFe® 4 Program Consultant digital badge to promote your accomplishment online
  • A one-year certified membership as a Certified SAFe® Program Consultant, which includes access to the SPC Community of Practice
  • A SAFe® Program Consultant certification usage guide with SPC certification marks
  • Access to online Trainer Enablement plans to qualify to teach and certify others in Leading SAFe® (SA), SAFe® for Government (SGP), SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM), SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM), SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM), SAFe® DevOps (SDP), SAFe® Agile Software Engineering (ASE), SAFe® for Teams (SP), and SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE).**You must be a certified RTE and an SPC to teach the RTE course, and only Gold Partner SPCTs can qualify to teach the RTE course in a public environment.
  • Access to a variety of learning resources to support certified professionals during and throughout their SAFe journey

In addition, participants in AgileSparks SPC classes get access to on-demand mentoring/coaching after the class on their journey to become an SPC and their first steps in the trenches.

Q: Can I get PMI PDUs or Scrum Alliance SEUs for this class?

A: Yes. This is handled through SAI. Check out the full list

Q: What does it mean when the workshop is “Guaranteed to Run”? 

A: You’ve probably experienced this. You register for a class and it gets canceled/postponed due to lack of registrations. This is especially an issue with a class like Implementing SAFe in which you get two trainers for the entire class and where the class just doesn’t work in very small sizes. When we announce a workshop as “Guaranteed to Run” it means we have enough registrants already and consider this a strategic class on our schedule. And for you that means – No cancellations, No reschedules, No hassle, and most importantly getting the training you need sooner rather than later. We make as much effort as possible to guarantee the class as early as possible – which is why we offer Early Bird discounts to participants that plan early and help us provide this predictability.

Q: Can you share some information about the SPC4 assessment exam? 

A: The assessment is multiple-choice taken online within 30 days of course completion. It’s a closed book exam. You get 120 minutes to answer 60 questions and you need to get 45 correct (75%) to pass and become an SPC4. It is a tough exam. The pass rate for participants in AgileSparks classes is around 85%.

If you fail the exam you will need to pay ScaledAgile $250 for a retake.

More Exam Details

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Up until 30 days before the event, you can cancel at no charge. If a cancel or transfer request is made less than 30 days prior to the class start date, payment will still be due, no refunds will be issued and you will be charged a $200 change fee. Your paid tuition will be available for one year to be used as a credit towards another course of equal value; only one re-enrollment opportunity is allowed. Check out our Guarantees and Policies.

  • “Yuval’s class is great! His broad experience as a consultant and active member of various Agile communities helps in connecting the dots. He also adds examples from his own experience to practically every aspect and subject of the class. His interactive teaching style stimulates conversation and learning by building on his experiences and knowledge as well as that of class attendees.”

    Jasper Sonnevelt
    Jasper Sonnevelt Lean/Agile Transformations Consultant - Leankit
  • Yuval is more than just a SAFe SME (subject matter expert), he has a great breadth of lean-agile experience as well. This affords him the ability to speak to nearly anyone's unique situation and to maximize their learning value. This included at the personal learning level within SAFe as well as the professional level regarding the challenges their organization wanted to solve.

    Participant in an Implementing SAFe SPC workshop in Boston
  • Yuval has the experience to back up his training style. Whenever anti-patterns cropped up he was able to put them down and exemplify the lean-agile mindset required to be a SAFe practitioner.

    Participant in an Implementing SAFe workshop in Boston

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