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SAFe for Architects w/ ARCH Certification

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Attendees can improve collaboration and alignment in a SAFe® Lean-Agile enterprise when they become a SAFe 4 Architect. The SAFe® for Architects course prepares System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects to engage across the organization as effective leaders and change agents who collaboratively deliver architectural solutions. During this three-day course, attendees will explore the roles, responsibilities, and mindset of Agile Architects, and appreciate how to align architecture with business value and drive continuous flow to large systems-of-systems while supporting SAFe program execution.

This course is for senior technical contributors who need to understand the role of System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects in Lean-Agile enterprises. The course is also appropriate for individuals desiring a deeper view into how architecture enables continuous value flow and how architects engage in, and contribute to, a Lean-Agile enterprise.

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To perform the role of a SAFe Architect attendees should be able to:

    • Architect using SAFe principles
    • Align architecture with business value
    • Develop and communicate architecture vision and intent
    • Plan architectural runway to enable delivery success
    • Architect for continuous delivery and Release on Demand
    • Lead and coach architects and team members during Program Increment (PI) Planning and execution
    • Provide leadership during a Lean-Agile transformation
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Hear from participants of our workshops:


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Benefits of attending an AgileSparks SAFe for Architects workshop and becoming a SAFe Architect (ARCH)


SAFe is the leading Scaled Agile approach but implementing the processes isn’t enough. Successful business agility requires architecting for continuous delivery of value, testability, and flow. The SAFe for Architects class will guide you in how to architect your systems to achieve business agility and you’ll experience your role as an Architect in the Lean/Agile enterprise.

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Is the SAFe for Architects class for you? Should you pursue an ARCH Certification?


Typical participants in the class include:

  • System, Solution, and Enterprise architects
  • Architects in supporting technical disciplines
  • Experienced software developers
  • Technical managers making architectural decisions
  • Product leaders collaborating with architects
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Recommended level of experience for the SAFe for Architects class


Those who attend this course should be familiar with Agile principles and practices and must have attended at least one SAFe course prior to attending this one.

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AgileSparks SAFe for Architecture workshop trainers

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Some of the world’s largest technology firms implement SAFe with AgileSparks

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the SAFe for Architects workshop

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Q: What do I get? Does the price include the certification?

A: The workshop price includes:

  • Attendee workbook
  • Course certificate of completion
  • Preparation and eligibility to take the SAFe® ARCH certification exam
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform
  • One certification exam attempt
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and refreshments

Attendees who pass the exam will receive:

  • SAFe® 4 Architect certificate
  • A SAFe® 4 Architect digital badge to promote your accomplishment online
  • A one-year certified membership as a SAFe® 4 Architect, which includes access to the ARCH Community of Practice
  • Access to a variety of learning resources to support certified professionals during their SAFe journey

Q: Can I get PMI PDUs or Scrum Alliance SEUs for this class?

A: Yes. This is handled through SAI. Check out the full list

Q: What does it mean when the workshop is “Guaranteed to Run”? 

A: You’ve probably experienced this. You register for a class and it gets canceled/postponed due to lack of registrations. When we announce a workshop as “Guaranteed to Run” it means we have enough registrants already and consider this a strategic class on our schedule. And for you that means – No cancellations, No reschedules, No hassle, and most importantly getting the training you need sooner rather than later. We make as much effort as possible to guarantee the class as early as possible – which is why we offer Early Bird discounts to participants that plan early and help us provide this predictability.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Up until 30 days before the event, you can cancel at no charge. If a cancel or transfer request is made less than 30 days prior to the class start date, payment will still be due, no refunds will be issued and you will be charged a $200 change fee. Your paid tuition will be available for one year to be used as a credit towards another course of equal value; only one re-enrollment opportunity is allowed. Check out our Guarantees and Policies.

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